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Back to Go

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My little break from Go has become too extended, and tomorrow I must begin to play and study again to prepare for the US Go Congress—my first and undoubtedly my only.

I do know that I’ve become stronger since the beginning of the year, and the three months of classes plus the study and play have made me see more—though I am still a player of quite modest strength. Still, the efforts then convinced me that I can learn more.

Some major portion of strength comes from the study of problems—life & death problems, tesuji problems, and the like. The benefit is not in knowing the mechanics of the solution but in extending the range of the patterns the mind knows and immediately recognizes.

Another portion (it seems to me) comes from playing over professional games and learning at a deep (unconscious) level the grammar of the game—the patterns of play.

Specific knowledge of openings—joseki (the play in a corner) and fuseki (the opening play on the whole board)—is certainly useful. Knowing fuseki helps one decide the outcome one wants or needs in a particular corner, and knowing joseki enables one to select the appropriate joseki to produce that outcome (or, if the opponent misplays, produce an even better result).

I continue to marvel at how much complexity can emerge from such simple rules and constraints. And tomorrow I’ll start experiencing it again.

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16 July 2006 at 4:27 pm

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Anticipating tomorrow’s shave

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Gillette Super Speed Gillette Super Speed
It’s odd how fascinating the ritual of shaving can be when one becomes obsessed with it—though that, of course, is the nature of obsession. I now routinely enjoy the memory of my morning shave and turn over in my mind what tomorrow’s shave should be.

For example, I’m thinking now that it’s time to try the Taylor’s Sandalwood shaving cream, after reading some discussion of it. My Vulfix 2235 will work well with the Taylor’s shaving cream.

And I have a “new” 1940s Gillette Super Speed (photos are of that model, though not my particular razor) that I’m eager to try after reading how highly it’s regarded. Since my Swedish Gillette blades arrived from the dealer in the UK, I can now use the Gillette Super Speed with Gillette blades, as is only appropriate.

This morning I used Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel (purchased at Whole Foods) as the aftershave: very soothing and comfortable, with a luscious scent that faded faiarly quickly. But since I’m using the Taylor’s shaving cream, it seems fitting to use the Taylor’s No. 74 aftershave. (This morning I used the Vision again—another great shave—with the Cyril R. Salter French Vetiver (select “Salter” from the menu on the left) shaving cream and the Rooney shaving brush.)

I assume that with time the obsessive part will fade, as have other obsessions in the past: Esperanto, rubber stamps, fountain pens, stationery, fencing (sabre), etc.

Written by Leisureguy

16 July 2006 at 4:22 pm

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