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The bowtie

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Butterfly bowtie
I love a bowtie. My earlier mention of the Saturday Night Massacre and Archibald Cox brought the bowtie to mind: Cox favored a bowtie, as do many independent thinkers. Indeed, the decision to wear a bowtie instead of the long tie requires independent thought in itself: the conforming, default decision is to wear a long tie.

If, indeed, you wear a tie at all. Ties have fallen out of fashion, I fear, and nowadays are worn mostly in corporate business and government offices: both being hierarchical societies in which signs of independent thought make one suspect. So if you’re going to wear a bowtie, recognize that you are making a fairly strong statement that may not be appreciated by those loyal to the hierarchy. You are telling them—and the world—that you march to the rhythm of a different drummer.

And, obviously, if you’re going to wear a bowtie, for the love of God, tie it. Wearing a clip-on or a banded bowtie is…. words fail me. Just don’t. You’ll look as though you’re 14 years old.

It’s a great enjoyment to be able to tie a bowtie quickly and without a mirror, ending up with a pleasingly compact and symmetric knot. The butterfly bowtie (photo) is probably more common, but I especially like the straight bowtie. I do have a couple of the diamond point, but day in, day out, I’d go with a straight.

Written by Leisureguy

20 July 2006 at 8:30 am

Posted in Daily life

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