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4,000 works of literature on CD-ROM

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Nodtronics publishes it:

An interactive CD ROM which contains over 4000 complete works by great authors from all over the world including Australia. There are novels, plays, poetry, short stories, sacred texts, essays, the complete King James Bible plus much more.

Also, there are many different screen options such as browsing, increasing screen font size, adding bookmarks, copying and pasting sections of text to your notepad, saving previously read books, printing sections of text or complete novels, and a very powerful search engine. Searching by author, category, or keyword makes Over 4000 Works of Literature a fast and valuable reference guide, or an easy way to enjoy the world’s most loved classics for the cost of one paperback!

Categories include:
Adventure, Australia, Children, Drama, Epic, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Poetry, Religion and Philosophy, Science & Terror

This would seem particularly useful for English teachers. See the link for a partial list of works/authors. Works with Windows or Mac. Buy it here for $9.95 (Australian).

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30 September 2006 at 9:45 pm

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Live Bookmarks little by little

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I didn’t really mean to expose my entire learning process, but:

The Live Bookmarks facility is great, but it turns out that it’s even greater if you install the extension LiveClick, which more or less completes the capabilities. With LiveClick, with one click you can go to a recent post or to the home page, and you can decide what to do with the posts you’ve read (e.g., have them grayed out, or simply not shown).

More on LiveClick here.

After you install it, highlight it (Tools, Extensions) and click “Options” to set it up exactly the way—uh huh, uh huh—you like it.

UPDATE: On the whole, Google Reader is better and more convenient. Just saying.

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30 September 2006 at 8:30 pm

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Belated cat-blogging: Riley explores

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Here’s Riley shortly after he arrived. He’s busily exploring his new home—and behind the refrigerator seemed like a good place to know.

I received a complaint about the paucity of cat blogging, so today here’s this, and I have moved the camera to a more accessible position. Megs will be next up, I promise—unless I get the photo from The Wife of Sophie resting on a table with her head propped on a tripod next to the table, which she assumed was a headrest.

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30 September 2006 at 1:42 pm

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The GOP’s Monica Lewinsky scandal?

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The Wife points out that the GOP seems unmoved (and unaffected) by massive corruption, by lies that take us into war, by attempts to destroy the Consitution, but they are peculiarly sensitive to sexual scandal—even run-of-the-mill sexual peccadilloes like the Clinton-Lewinsky naughtiness. So, surely, they must want to tear the house apart on this Rep Foley thing:

… By Friday, other pages had come forward with more blatant instant messages. “What ya wearing?” Mr. Foley wrote to one, according to the network. “Tshirt and shorts,” the teenager responded. “Love to slip them off of you,” Mr. Foley replied.

ABC News said it had read him other messages that were far more graphic. Within hours, Mr. Foley resigned in a one-sentence letter to Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida. He left the Capitol without answering questions.

And the story continually changes about who knew what when. Brad DeLong points out: Read the rest of this entry »

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30 September 2006 at 1:37 pm

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Embarrassing confessions (re: Firefox)

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Okay, sometimes I just drift along, using tools without understanding all that they can do. (I hate to tell you how long I used Word before I found out about tables—my God! they’re useful. How could I… )

Well, with the discovery of the Live Bookmark, I started to fool around with managing my bookmarks (click Bookmarks, then Manage Bookmarks). Oh, my. I use the Bookmarks Toolbar a lot, so I have all sorts of bookmarks there. In fact, I’ve deleted the names so I could crowd more into the toolbar—I know them by the little icon or (for those who lack an icon) by position. And even then, the BookMarks Toolbar has a dropdown…

So I started playing with it, and I discovered (of course—but wait for it) … folders! Yes, on the toolbar. Somehow I didn’t realize… Anyway, my toolbar now has neat little folders, with the bookmarks arranged within the folders. The folders are very well behaved: you click the folder, and the icons are displayed vertically (and now I’m going to have to add the names back again—or delete and re-add them so they bring their name along again), and they remain there so that you can pick the one you want.

:sigh: So soon old, so late smart…

UPDATE: Still learning: take a look at this Bookmarks tutorial. It includes info on Live Bookmarks. Much better resource than the help system.

UPDATE 2: And, along with Live Bookmarks, you should install the LiveClick extension. Explanation at the link.

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30 September 2006 at 12:19 pm

RSS and Later On

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I don’t use an aggregator for RSS feeds myself—but perhaps I should start. I did discover, however, that you can get a feed from Later On (this blog) by using this address:

So you who understand such things, give it a go and tell me in the comments whether it works.

UPDATE: Well, I’ll be dipped. I didn’t know that Firefox could do all this. While you’re looking at this post, look at the address location: the up in the location bar. At the right of the location bar you’ll see a little red square with a logo like transmissions from a dot. Click that, and you automatically get a folder that will contain the Later On updates as they occur. Here’s more info. My goodness. (For all you for which this is old hat, my apologies, but it’s a very new hat for me—and, I imagine, for some of my readers.)

UPDATE 2: Note that to fully exploit Live Bookmarks, you should install the LiveClick extension. Without LiveClick, the Live Bookmarks are only half there.

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30 September 2006 at 11:20 am

More on psilocybin

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Apparently research on psilocybin is underway, as reported in Science News:

The comfortably furnished room in a corner of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore seems an unlikely setting for spiritual transcendence. Yet one after another, volunteers last year entered the living room–like space, reclined on the couch, swallowed a pill, and opened themselves to a profound mystical journey lasting several hours. For many of them, the mundane certainty of being a skin-bounded person with an individual existence melted away. In its place arose a sense of merging with an ultimate reality where all things exist in a sacred, unified realm. Participants felt intense joy, peacefulness, and love during these experiences. At times, though, some became fearful, dreading unseen dangers.

The pills that enabled these mystical excursions contained psilocybin, the active ingredient in so-called magic mushrooms that some societies have used for centuries in religious ceremonies. Psilocybin boosts transmission of the brain chemical serotonin, much as LSD and some other hallucinogenic drugs do.

Johns Hopkins psychopharmacologist Roland R. Griffiths and his colleagues have taken psilocybin out of its traditional context and far from the black-light milieu of its hippie-era heyday. Griffiths’ team is investigating the drug’s reputed mind-expanding effects in a rigorous, scientific way with ordinary people.

In the group’s recent test, psilocybin frequently sparked temporary mystical makeovers in volunteers who didn’t know what kind of pill they were taking. What’s more, some of these participants reported long-lasting positive effects of their experiences.

Of course, the Feds have a more jaundiced view:

Not everyone finds Griffiths’ study enlightening, however. The new data simply confirm the longstanding knowledge that psychedelic substances disturb perception, cause disorientation, and sometimes instigate fear and paranoia, remarks David Murray, special assistant to the current director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Clinical benefits of psilocybin have yet to be demonstrated, he asserts.

“Psilocybin might grow hair on bald men—we just don’t know,” Murray says with a chuckle.

Written by LeisureGuy

30 September 2006 at 10:12 am

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