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Extremely useful Firefox add-on

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Thanks to a reader for a pointer to this Firefox add-on, which automatically translates text from a national language to Esperanto: you highlight the text, right-click and select “traduku” (“translate” in imperative voice), and select the language (EN-EO to translate from English into Esperanto). Thus this:

Esperanto was created by Ludovic Lazar Zamenhof, an ophthalmologist and Polish Jew, to serve as a universal second language. The idea was that each person would learn, in addition to his or her mother tongue, one additional language: Esperanto. Since it was created, it was designed to be easy to learn: simple grammar, use of affixes to generate many words from few roots, no exceptions (e.g., no irregular verbs).

becomes this:

Esperanto estis kre de Ludovic Lazar Zamenhof, oftalmologo kaj Pola Judo, al serv kiel universala dua lingvo. La ideo estis tio, ke c^iu persono lernus, krom sia denaska lingvo, unu suplementa lingvo: Esperanto. Ekde estis kre, estis destinita por esti facile lernebla: simpla gramatiko, uzo de afiksoj produkti multajn vortojn de malmultaj radikoj, neniu(j) esceptoj (e.g., ne neregulaj verboj).

Except in the translation box the circumflex is properly atop the “c”. (C with a circumflex is pronounced like the “ch” in “church”.)

Written by Leisureguy

20 December 2006 at 10:41 am

Posted in Esperanto, Firefox, Software

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