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A Gender Test, by Scott Adams

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From his blog:

The BBC reports that a female Indian athlete who recently won a silver medal in a regional competition has failed a gender test. Seriously.

I have to think that of all the tests you could fail, a gender test would be the most embarrassing. The article is a bit sketchy on the test itself but it reportedly involves an endocrinologist, psychologist, and gynecologist.

I have to wonder what the psychologist’s test looked like, since other experts were checking her junk. I assume there was some sort of highly offensive, stereotypical, and sexist written exam. It probably looked like this:

1. Shopping is…
a. A fascinating experience that is even better when shared.
b. A method used to extract secrets from terrorists.

2. What does “nothing is wrong” mean?
a. Start guessing and apologizing or I’ll kill you in your sleep.
b. Oh shit.

3. The best time for sex is…
a. When your mood and your schedule are right.
b. Do you mind if I masturbate a little while I take this test?

4. When you observe a man doing a simple task, you think…
a. That frickin’ baboon is doing it wrong and ruining everything.
b. Why would I watch a man do a simple task?

5. When a man doesn’t notice your new hair color it means…
a. He no longer loves you.
b. Hair has different colors?

6. After a man explains the undeniable logic of his point of view…
a. It proves that he just doesn’t get it.
b. Case closed!

7. Your reaction to this test is…
a. Bastard!
b. Ha Ha! You’re dead, Dude.

Written by Leisureguy

21 December 2006 at 4:58 pm

Posted in Daily life, Science

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