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The morning shave: Endymion shaving cream, which I’ve had for a while and been wanting to try. The description implies that it’s not a lathering shaving cream, but it works well with a brush. Quite nice, but not really worth the $30. Another of those better to get as a gift than to buy.

I used an Italian shaving brush, an Omega silvertip badger brush. The Omegas feel simply wonderful—I imagine Claudia Cardinale’s hand gently caressing my face (the Claudia Cardinale from Once Upon a Time in the West).

The Wilkinson “Sticky” with a new Feather blade, and a perfectly smooth shave with no nicks. Finished with Pashana aftershave.

Last night’s dreams: In dreams from time to time I descend a flight of stairs by somehow balancing on the edge of the top step and then more or less skiing down the steps: moving without a break from step’s edge to step’s edge, maintaining my balance, much like taking a little run and sliding along an icy patch. And every time, I think to myself, “Wow. Before I could do this only in dreams.” I never catch on. So it was last night, though for some reason I was more cautious with stone steps.

The new mattress: It will take a couple of nights to get used to the unaccustomed firmness, but my back does feel better. Sealy Posturepedic.

The new stereo: The cleaning ladies accidentally ripped the speaker wires from the right channel of the old stereo and somehow I can’t get any sound on the right channel at all. So I got a new stereo ($175, not bad) at Circuit City. This one.

I got it all set up and then when I played it (I use the RCA Lyra Wireless to play music from my computer through the stereo—much easier than a CD changer), it would turn itself off after three or four minutes. :sigh:

I took the main unit back, leaving everything else in place, and braced myself for a big fight at Circuit City, since I figured they would want me to exchange the whole thing, bring it back in a box, etc. Instead, after a short wait (lots of Xmas shopping going on, even on Friday night), a nice young lady heard me say that I wanted to exchange, and before I could explain further, said, “Is that the component you want to switch?” and called the box from the back and switched components on the spot. Very helpful, very good mood, very accommodating. Not the slightest sign of a fight. (Yet another useless worry.)

Then when I got home, I noticed that the light plugged into the same power strip was turning itself off after three or four minutes. The damn Clapper, I decided. Removed the Clapper, and all works fine. Pointless exchange. I think the light, a halogen, may be been slightly over the max for the Clapper, and whatever was happening was affecting everything plugged into the power strip.

Finally, the Saturday weigh-in: 3.4 lbs lost. That’s more like it. So over the two weeks, the average loss per week is 1.9 lbs. That’s okay. Fitday draws a line on a graph from your starting weight to your goal (for me, 185 lbs on 12/31/07), and marks your individual weigh-ins on the graph. So long as you can stay on or below the line, you’re on track to meet goal. I’m now below the line.

So it took me a week to tune the diet, but now that I’ve settled in on a good calorie target, things should go fine for a while.

And that’s today’s morning report.

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23 December 2006 at 7:17 am

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