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Allah, Jesus, Jehovah: all the same

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From time to time, you read some right-wing fundamentalist saying that “Allah is a false god. Our God is the True God,” or the like.

Allah, you’ll recall, is the God who asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. That’s Jehovah, under another name, and Jesus, under another person: all the same. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God worshipped by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. They all worship the same God. Got it? Jesus is one person of the Christian God, but is identical (same nature and being) as God the Father (and, for that matter, God the Holy Spirit), and that particular God did indeed lay on Abraham the heavy task of sacrificing his only-begotten son Isaac, though he did allow a substitute at the last minute.

Three religions, same God. Different rituals, different fine print. But same God.

Seems pretty clear to me. YMMV.

Written by Leisureguy

30 December 2006 at 9:11 am

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  1. Sometimes I suspect that fundamentalists who claim to be monotheists don’t really get the logic of what they are claiming. If there is only one God, then there IS only one God, and the only things left to argue about are 1) what do we call God, and does the name we use matter, and if so why?, and 2) who has the most correct understanding of God, if anyone?

    To phrase things this way doesn’t change the reality of the disagreements among various religious views, but it does frame them a bit differently. What we are disagreeing about is not “My God is better than your God”, but “My understanding of God is better than your understanding of God.” Which brings us, and our limitations, into the equation, and might beneficially keep us a bit more humble in our pronouncements. God is the ultimate arbiter of God’s name and nature, not us, and it behooves us to keep that in mind and not try to usurp the role.

    Every time I hear a Christian utter the phrase “We worship an awesome God”, I think of this. “AN awesome God”? There are Gods who AREN’T awesome? Really? I thought there was only one God? Even the phrase “one true God” implies the existence of Gods who are false (whatever that means.) Our beliefs may be true or false; God just is whatever God is, and to call God either true or false seems a bit odd to me. I even have Biblical support for this, though I hesitate to invoke it: Exodus 13. “If I go to the Isralites and tell them that the God of their forefathers has sent me to them, and they ask me his name, wat shall I say? God answered “I AM; that is who I am.” God is whatever or whoever God is; insofar as anyone is worshiping God, that person is worshiping the same God by definition if there is only one; our understanding of God is limited; it helps to keep these principles in mind when engaging in discourse about God.



    30 December 2006 at 10:04 am

  2. Not to start useless discussions with people who have (perhaps) closed minds, it is important to stick with facts, not opinions.
    Muslims do not believe or teach that Abraham was to sacrifice Issac. It was Ishmael.

    It is well known to Muslims, Christians and Jews that Abraham(P) was ordered to sacrifice his son and he was willing to do so but God gave him a sheep to sacrifice instead of his cherished progeny. So far, everybody agrees. However, Jews and Christians say that the sacrificed was Isaac(P) -“Abraham’s only son”, whereas according to the Islamic tradition the sacrificed is Ishmael(P).

    According to the Qur’ân, the sacrificed cannot be Isaac(P). According to authentic Islamic tradition, the sacrificed is Ishmael(P). The Muslim scholars have solved this case a long time ago and, very early in the history of Islam, the popular Islamic tradition has integrated the fact that Ishmael(P) was the sacrificed.


    Islam also does not believe that Jesus is God. See

    Three religions, same God? Different rituals, different fine print. But same God?

    I don’t think so.

    Truth, not my opinion. Or yours.



    14 January 2007 at 1:43 pm

  3. Thank for the clarification of the point regarding Ishmael. The fact remains, however, that the God that Abraham worshipped is seen as (the true) God by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The fact that Christians see (this) God as having three “persons” (whatever they are) does not contradict the view that there is but a single God, and that the God of the Old Testament is, indeed, God.

    So: all three worship the same, identical (single) God. They do indeed have different rituals and different fine print. But they all agree that the God that Abraham worshipped was indeed God.

    Thanks for commenting, though.



    14 January 2007 at 3:00 pm

  4. may God help and guide us in these last days… Peace be upon u



    5 December 2010 at 8:32 am

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