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Book Links — Fourth Edition

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This is a reference site to accompany the fourth edition of Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable. The fifth has now been published and further updates will be made for that. The link goes to the Amazon page for the fifth edition.

Information that I learn after publication of the book will be posted here. Check back from time to time.

Vendor changes: As of 14 Aug 2011 Prairie Creations and Honeybee Soaps are both closed—temporarily, one hopes—for health reasons. Rituals Skincare seems to be out of business. UPDATE:  Honeybee Soaps is back open!
UPDATE:  Prairie Creations explains the delay and hopes to open after surgery.

Garry’s Sample Shop: Source of samples of a wide variety of shaving supplies.

Ginger’s Garden artisanal shaving soaps: I have tried the soap from Ginger’s Garden and I like it quite a bit. They also have shave sticks available. Check it out. (And this will be in the next edition.)

Shaving supplies from Australian vendor: I just got an email from a reader pointing out this resource: Esquires of Picadilly in Perth. The site uses frames, of all things, so I can’t link directly to shaving supplies.

Good introduction to straight razors: With diagrams.

Two excellent shaving soaps: And at a very good price: Vitos Red Label is less than $17 (plus shipping) for 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of a soft, tallow-based, bitter-almond-scented shaving soap: you tear off a wad, mash it into a bowl or cup, and work up a superb lather. Plenty to share with your buddies. (VAT is not charged on products shipped outside the UK.) From the same vendor, Lea is a shave stick that works very well indeed for me and costs less than $6.

Wicked Edge: This is a Reddit group that functions very like a forum. Good site to get quick answers.

Two more vendors: Two more new to me, both in Ireland: Traditional Shaving Supplies at, and They both offer sampler packets of razor blades and both are well stocked with a good variety of brands.

Simply Shaving forum: Simply Shaving is active again. Check it out.

Custom handmade brushes and razors: Check out Cooncat Bob’s shop.

Another new vendor: has a great selection of horsehair shaving brushes along with other shaving supplies.

Another vendor new to meRazor Blades & More Co. is located in LA. Take a look.

Two more new vendors: Two more vendors have appeared. I’ve not ordered from either. Highland MensCare is located in Devon PA, and Italian Barber is in Richmond Hill, ONT. I’ve added them to the vendor list below.

New vendor: I haven’t ordered from them yet, but they have a nice razor sampler and a good selection. They’re located in Turkey.

New link for the forum Pogonotomy: The forum is now at . has a good line of shaving products, including a very intriguing shaving soap from Otoko Organics. BruceOnShaving has a good review of that soap, good enough that I ordered a tub. And it’s quite a nice soap indeed. is another new vendor. Zach mentioned him in a comment on a shaving post on the blog. They seem to have a good range of shaving products, along with fountain pens, etc.

Barber Depot, included in the vendor list below, seems to have gone out of business. I bought Astra Superior Platinum blades from them ($100 for 1100 blades). Fortunately, I just bought a new supply.

British Gillettes. Gavin Groom in a comment points out this useful table of the various British Gillette models and their characteristics.

RazoRock alum bar. I learned about this nicely packaged potassium alum bar from Steve of Kafeneio, who has a good post (with photo) on it. If you like to use the alum bar after a shave in the shower—or while traveling—this might work well for you because of the waterproof packaging and compact size.

The Shaver Shop. A commenter points out this vendor, new to me.

Change in razor recommendation for a beginner (2 updates). The book currently recommends the Merkur Hefty Classic (aka “HD”) as the razor for a beginner. This recommendation is based on polls of experienced wet-shavers. The HD is readily available, is not adjustable (a plus for beginners, who don’t need to be worrying about and tinkering with the adjustment), and is relatively inexpensive, currently running around $42. But this morning I was thinking again about my own experiences with the razors I have, and I am going to change that recommendation.

The HD is still a good budget choice, but in my opinion (and experience) the best razor for a beginner is the iKon open-comb with either the bulldog handle or the long slender handle. This will cost $75 or $80, depending on the handle, but the iKon is a remarkably comfortable and forgiving razor. I now think this is the best beginner razor, and the next edition of the book will reflect the new recommendation. Thanks to the update page, though, I don’t have to wait for the next edition to let you know.

UPDATE 1: I blogged the above change in recommendation, and some good discussion has ensued. I’ll revisit the whole thing in the light of the points raised. Note, though, that in general the only objection to the iKon open-comb is its price—though the suggestion of buying both heads (with a single handle) is excellent.

UPDATE 2: The consensus is that beginning shavers are quite sensitive to price since they don’t yet know whether this new approach will work for them. Given that reality, one of the $32 Edwin Jagger DE8x models wins: very attractive, excellent head design, and inexpensive. The iKon open-comb has strong adherents, but the iKon starts at $80. Still, beginners who are inclined would find the iKon open-comb an excellent starting razor.

BruceOnShaving’s beginner’s guide to traditional shaving kit. A useful guide for the traditional wet-shaving beginner. (My own recommendations for a beginner’s shaving kit can be found in the Guide to Gourmet Shaving, but Bruce’s review is also useful.)

New name and new URL for Honeybee soaps. Once it was “Honeybee Spa,” but that name and URL has gone to an actual spa, and the wonderful shaving products we know are now from Honeybee Soaps, URL Visit it now to check it out—it’s nice to be free of the eBay limitations.

Vendor of inexpensive shaving products: Check out

New shaving forum: Bruce Everiss (of has begun a new shaving forum, Pogonotomy. It’s just beginning, so you can be one of the Original Contributors.

Another source of blade sampler packs: Em’s Place now sells blade sampler packs.

Shaving Products for Men Online: Another new vendor of traditional wetshaving supplies. It really seems to me that this approach to shaving is increasingly popular.

New vendors: In the US, take a look at Italian Barber. And in the UK, check out Nanny’s Silly Soap Company.

Gold-plating a Merkur 1904 Classic. In the 4th edition, I finally wrote (and with great satisfaction), “The only drawback I’ve discovered is that it doesn’t seem to come in gold. So I had mine replated.” A more accurate statement would have been: “I have sent mine off to be replated.” But, alas, it turns out that the razor is unsuitable for gold plating: it’s plated in chrome, and plating over chrome is rarely done—and requires a special process.  So my 1904 remains as it was.

Inexpensive shaving brush: BruceOnShaving points out the Shea Moisture Shaving brush available now at Target for $8. Seems to be an excellent buy—amazing, in fact. It’s not silvertip, but at the price it’s hard to beat (save with the Frank shaving brushes). If you go to Target, check it out. It’s shelved with “ethnic” products, apparently aimed at African-Americans, many of whom suffer from razor bumps and ingrowns—but those problems can afflict any man with curly hair (Celtic, Mediterranean, etc.).

Edition 4.1: I was looking through the book and was horrified to see that when I deleted the leading “www” from a bunch of URLs in the appendix, I neglected to delete “www” and its trailing period—and so some of the URLs have a leading “.”: for example, “” is shown in the vendor list as “”.  I have corrected those URLs, and now am awaiting CreateSpace approval to release the new version. (The links in this post are fine—the problem affects only the URLs in the book.) I’m mortified by the error, and I apologize for my carelessness. Any who have purchased 4.0 are welcome to exchange it for 4.1 if you want. Email me at the address shown in the preface, and I’ll give you the shipping address. For exchange, you ship the book to me with a return label; I mail you back a copy of 4.1. You pay shipping to me, I pay shipping to you.

A review of the shaving forums: Bruce on Shaving gives his view of the forums as they are today. In another post, he offers a good guide to shaving blogs.

New Forest Brushes: I’ve not yet tried these, but they look very good indeed. Here’s a review.

Comprehensive guide to boar brushes: Zach’s introduction, revised and  substantially extended with color photos.

Fascinating article on double-edged razor blades and how they are made via a post at

Horsehair shaving brushes: Bruce on Shaving has this interesting post explaining why these brushes are not more widely used.

How to remove tarnish from silver-plated razors: Relatively few razors are silver-plated for the very reason that it tarnishes. If you have one, the article at the link—with lots of photos—will be quite useful. I just had my silver-plated English Gillette Aristocrat #22 plated in rhodium to avoid tarnish—if I’d known this technique, maybe I would have left it alone. is a terrific and clearly long-established forum. Should have been in the book. Simple ignorance on my part.

Malaspina Soap Factory: a Canadian soapmaker with some interesting looking shaving soaps.

Comprehensive guide to boar-bristle brushes: The book references two seminal posts on on using a boar brush, written by Zach. I just learned that those posts were for some reason deleted, but they are still available at and are very much worth reading:

Shaving in humid weather can be a problem if your hair is curly. Check out this post.

Blade sampler packs: Mike on drew my attention to the availability of blade sampler packs on eBay. Take a look.

Frank shaving brushes: High-quality brushes at low cost: what’s not to like? Some backstory on the brushes in this post at UPDATE: I’ve been having problems getting my first Frank brush to create good lather. I’m still working on it, and I’ve ordered a second to try. I’m mystified by the problem: it is a badger brush—why won’t it lather? Check back for further updates.

The “give away the razor and sell the blades” myth: An excellent post that explains the complex nature of early Gillette marketing efforts. Quite interesting to an old marketing guy.

1. Forums

Badger & Blade
Damn Fine Shave
RazorandBrush (message board)
Simply Shaving
Straight Razor Place
The Shave Den
The Shaving Room
Wicked Edge  

2. Reference

Blade widths (and the effects)
Gillette British models
Gillette date codes
Mantic’s shaving videos
Museum of Safety Razors
Schick Injectors
Shaving 101
Shaving product samples

3. Blade Sampler Packs

Blade sampler packs are available from:

4. Vendors

Following is a list of representative vendors patronized by the wetshaving community. This list is volatile, so you may want to recheck it as new vendors come on-line.

  • = complete vendor (shaving brushes, soaps, creams, razors, blades, aftershaves)
    H = handmade shaving soap, creams, lotions, aftershaves, and so on.
    C = happy to accept calls from men seeking product advice

Appleton Barber Supply800-236-0456 Central Time – – Primarily of interest for great selection of aftershaves (at link).

Art of Shaving800-696-4999 Eastern Time – Art of Shaving shaving cream and soap and aftershave, Merkur

Atkinson’s – – 604-736-3368 800-803-0233 Pacific Time – Plisson

Barber Depot, Inc. – barberdepot@verizon.net877-292-0100 Eastern Time – Mainly of interest for the Astra Superior Platinum blades: $11/100.  Seem to have gone out of business.

Barbieria Italiana – now closed. See note here.

Barclay Crocker – sales@barclaycrocker.com800-536-1866 – Many brands of Bay Rum, Merkur, Proraso, Musgo Real (including Glyce Lime Oil pre-shave soap), Geo.F Trumper, Truefitt & Hill, Taylor of Old Bond St, Col Conk, Woods of Windsor, Caswell Massey, Shave Brushes & Mugs, Barclay Crocker Custom Scenting.

Best Grooming Tools – – Wide selection includes Col. Conk, Dovo, Erasmic, D. R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Muehle, Musgo Real, Parker, Proraso, Simpson, Speick, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Valobra.

BestShave.net90 0224 413 2710 – There’s also a contact form on the Web site. Located in Bursa, Turkey. – Arko, Astra, Coll, Derby, Gibbs, Permasharp, Racer, Rapira, Shark, SuperMax.

BM Vintage Shaving –  sales@bmvintageshaving.com760-799-5539 Pacific Time – Col. Conk, Derby, Dovo, Edwin Jagger, Gessato, Merkur, Vulfix.

Bob’s Razor Works – Beautiful handmade and custom brushes and razors: well worth a look.

Bon Savon – info@bonsavon.com877-832-4635 Pacific Time – Provence Santé, Pre de Provence, Swedish Summer Soap, Lightfoot’s Shaving Soap

Bull Goose Shaving Supplies – – Astra, Cyril R. Salter, Derby, Erasmic, Feather, Lord, Merkur, Omega, Proraso, Shark, Simpsons, Speick, Tabac, Taylor. Offers blade sampler packs.

Carbolic Soap Co. – Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap (best price, even with shipping from the UK)

Caswell-Massey – Deleted because their shaving soap produces poor lather.

CH* Classic Shaving – info@classicshaving.com760-288-4178 Pacific Time – Cyril R. Salter, Dovo, Feather, Merkur, Proraso, Rooney, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Thiers-Issard, Truefitt & Hill, Vulfix, Zowada

Connaught Shaving – – 07963 325842 – Arko, Carter & Bond, Derby, Gillette, Merkur, Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, Parker, Proraso, Treet. Offers blade sampler packs.

Cotton Blossom Crafts – DeLong, Weishi.

Crabtree & Evelyn800-272-2873 Eastern Time – Edwin Jagger, C&E Shaving creams and soaps and aftershave.

Details for Men888-680-2857 Eastern Time – – Art of Shaving, Derby, Feather, Gentlemens Refinery, Gillette, Musgo Real (including MR GLO), Pré de Provence, Proraso, Provence Santé, l’Occitane, Merkur, Muehle Pinsel, Speick, Valobra, Williamson, and others. Offers blade sampler packs.

eBarbershop – – Col. Conk, Crabtree & Evelyn, Merkur, Personna, Pinaud, Woods of Windsor — quite a wide variety of aftershaves and cologne.

eBay – At the link is a list of eBay offerings, including bulk-purchase Israeli and Derby blades, safety razors of all kinds, and the like. List sorted by newly listed, but can be resorted to find auctions ending soonest.

Elite Razor – robert.d.quinn@eliterazor.com404-918-2345 Central Time – Offers a wide variety of razors and brushes with handles custom-crafted of wood, stone, or neo-resinate. Worth browsing for special gifts for traditional shavers.

H* Em’s Place – – Crystal, Derby, Dovo, Em’s (shaving soaps and creams, aftershaves, lotions in wide variety of fragrances), Feather, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Musgo Real, Omega, Proraso, Simpsons, Speick, Tabac, My Nik Is Sealed. Also: see

C* Enchante Online – enchantetx@sbcglobal.net888-220-2927 Central Time – Derby, D.R. Harris, Feather, Geo. F. Trumper, Israeli Personna, Merkur, Shavemaster, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Wilkinson.

The English Shaving –  D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger brushes and razors, Geo. F. Trumper, Proraso, Swedish Gillette blades.

Executive Shaving Company – Cyril R. Salter, Dovo, D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Geo. F. Trumper, Rooney, Merkur, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Thiers Issard, Truefitt & Hill

Fendrihan – – info@fendrihan.com905-230-1254 Eastern time. Col. Conk, Derby, D. R. Harris, Gold Dachs, J.M. Fraser, Merkur, Musgo Real, Simpsons, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Valobra, Vulfix, Kent shaving soap (same as Mitchell’s Wool Fat). Offers blade sampler packs.

G.B. Kent & Sons PLC – – G.B. Kent shaving brushes (and hair brushes), Kent shaving cream and shaving soap (shaving soap is same Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap).

The Gentleman’s Quarter – – Handmade shaving soaps and creams in unusual fragrances. Web site planned. Link is to a PDF file of products.

H The Gentlemens Refinery866-444-7428 Mountain Time. Excellent shaving creams, aftershave balms, shave oil, shaving brushes. Products manufactured by a fourth-generation barber.

The Gentleman’s Shop – – 01488 683536 / 684363 (UK) – Art of Shaving, Castle Forbes, Dovo, D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, G.B. Kent, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Rooney, Simpsons, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill. The G.B. Kent brush is an exceptional brush for soaps, and the BK4 is the best all-round size.

Gifts and Care – –  (+34) 96 3400 220 in Spain – Lots of horsehair brushes, including horsehair and boar mix and horsehair and badger mix, in a range of grades. Also, Castle Forbes, Floïd, La Toja, Lea, Merkur, Myrsol, Proraso, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Tres Claveles. They also carry an extensive collection of makeup brushes.

  • Highland MensCare – – 877-284-1887 Eastern time – Acca Kappa, Anthony Logistics, Art of Shaving, Bluebeards Original, Castle Forbes, D.R. Harris & Co., Edwin Jagger, Feather, Gentlemens Refinery, Geo. F. Trumper, G.B. Kent, Lucky Tiger, Merkur, Musgo Real, Personna, Pre de Provence, Proraso, Royall Lyme, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill, Wilkinson Sword.

Honeybee Soaps – –  Handmade shea butter shaving soaps, along with broad line of handmade creams, lotions, shampoos, and other toiletries. Wide variety of fragrances. Note: URL is

iKon Razors –  Stainless iKon razors in a variety of designs, Feather blades, knobs for the Merkur Progress, and other offerings.

  • The Irish – Col. Conk, Derby, Dovo, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Mühle, Taylor of Old Bond Street,  quite a bit of very nice porcelain (mugs, bowls, scuttles)

  • Italian Barber –  support@italianbarber.com647-800-4622 Eastern time – Specializes in Italian shave products, but has wide range: Acca Kappa, Atkinson, Bolzano, Booster, Cella, Col. Conk, Cremo Cream, Feather, Geo. F. Trumper, iKon, J.M. Fraser, Lord, Merkur, Omega, Palmolive, Proraso, Rapira, Valobra, Wilkinson Sword.

Kell’s Original – – A variety of excellent shaving soaps made with hemp oil, aloe vera, or a combination, in a variety of fragrances, including unscented.

Kinetic BlueAstra, Dorco, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Mühle Pinsel, Penhaligon, Truefitt & Hill.  Blade sampler pack available.

Lee’s Razors – leesrazors@aol.com800-503-5001 Eastern Time – Col. Conk, Derby, Dovo, Feather, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, Musgo Real (including Glyce Lime Oil pre-shave soap), Proraso, Simpsons, Vulfix.

London’s Bathecary434-220-0540 Eastern Time – Caswell Massey, Floris London, Geo. F. Trumper, Lightfoot’s, Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, Penhaligon’s, Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Mama Bear – – Full line of handmade shaving soap, shaving stick, shaving cream, aftershaves, along with regular soaps. Wide variety of fragrances. Also containers (make your own shave stick), alum bar.

Men’s Biz – 1300 784 789 – – Astra, Col. Conk, Derby, Dovo, eShave, Feather, Geo. F. Trumper, Men-u, Merkur, Musgo Real, Personna, Proraso, Taylor of Old Bond Street.

men-ü800-987-6790 Central time – their own line: shaving creams and soaps, shaving brushes, and aftershaves. They offer an excellent synthetic-bristle brush.

Momentum Grooming – – 604-689-46361-877-886-4636 Pacific Time (Vancouver BC) – Merkur, Musgo Real, Proraso, True Gentleman, Truefitt & Hill

Moss Scuttle902-657-3215 Atlantic Time -The famous Moss Scuttle along with a wide variety of pottery and hooked rugs.

Mühle-Pinsel – – German company. Baxter of California, D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Geo. F. Trumper, Mühle-Pinsel, Proraso.

Nashville Knife Shop – info@nashvilleknifeshop.com812-988-9800 Central Time – Col. Conk, Cremo Cream, Derby, Dovo, D.R. Harris, Merkur, Mühle, Proraso.

Nancy Boy – contact@nancyboy.com888-746-2629 Pacific Time – Nancy Boy products, good for sensitive skin.

l’Occitane888-623-2880 – Cade line of shaving soap and cream, aftershave shea butter balm.

Olivia Shaving Soaps – German company. Handmade shaving soaps and creams; Crema Sapone Cella.

Pacific Shaving Company – Shaving oil, liquid styptic in applicator.

H Prairie Creations – A new vendor offering handmade shaving soaps and creams, including shave sticks. The soaps are tallow-based, and you have the option of tallow combined with lanolin. You can choose scented, essential oils, or unscented.

CH* QED – qed@quod.com401-433-4045 Eastern Time – Castle Forbes, Cyril R. Salter, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Musgo Real, Omega, QEDman (his own line of soaps and lotions), Proraso, Savile Row, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill. Quite a few products hide behind the menu entry “Other fabulous toiletry products.”

H Queen Charlotte Soaps, LLC – – Handmade shaving-cream-like soap.

Rasage Poulin – scott@rasagepoulin.com403-295-8448 Mountain Time – Booster, D. R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Geo. F. Trumper, Institut Karité, J. M. Fraser, Laboratoires OSMA, Lucky Tiger, Merkur, Musgo Real, Omega, Proraso, Rooney, Semogue, sul filo del rasoio.

Razor and Brush – Has articles, history of shaving, book reviews, links to message board, sales board, various shave blogs and sites. The store, however, is now closed.

Razor Blades & More Co. – 323-362-6201 Pacific time – has blade sampler packs; Col. Conk, Cyril R. Salter, Edwin Jagger, Floïd, La Toja, Pinaud, Proraso, Malaspina, men-ü, Mühle, Musgo Real, Omega, Palmolive, Parker, Irisch Moos, Tabac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Wei-Shi.

Razor Emporium602-885-2725 Mountain Time – an unusual site with an emphasis on vintage razors, both DE and straight, and vintage brushes. He also carries the Pils line, both razors and brushes. He offers a replating service for razors in gold, rhodium, nickel, silver, or other metals. Inquire for details.

Retrorazor – – Derby, Weishi, starter gift-packs, shaving workshops in Seattle

Rituals Skincare – seems to have gone out of business.

  • Royal Shave – – 800-801-0769 Pacific Time – Calani, Castle Forbes, Col. Conk, Edwin Jagger, Feather, Gold Dachs, D.R. Harris, Hasslinger, G.B. Kent, Merkur, Mitchells Wool Fat, Mühle, Parker, Pils, Plisson, Simpson, Speick, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Thater, Geo. F. Trumper, Truefitt & Hill, Vulfix. – – +44 (0) 0845 009 0053 – Merkur, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Cyril R. Salter, Simpsons. Also sells vintage razors. Contact for information about replating nickel-plated razors.

Saint Charles Shave – – Handmade shaving soaps, creams, aftershaves, lotions, eau de toilettes.

Sesto Sento – info@sesto-senso.com301-668-5018 – Castle Forbes, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Musgo Real (including Glyce Lime Oil pre-shave soap), Omega, Pashana, Proraso, QED Shaving Sticks, Savile Row brushes, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill, Vulfix shaving cream.

Shave Center of the Internet – Altesse, Col. Conk, Dovo, Merkur, Thiers Issard.

The Shave Den Store – part of The Shave Den Forum. Nice selection of shaving soaps and creams, both with fragrance oils and essential oils, along with aftershaves, colognes, and the like. Well worth a visit. – – 732-239-2607 Eastern time – A very broad selection including items hard to find in the US, at good prices. Includes Arko, Astra, Bea, Boots, De Vergulde Hand, Delong, Derby, Edwin Jagger, Erasmic, Feather, Frank, Godrej, James Bronnley, Kappus, G.B. Kent, Lavanda, Lea, Lightfoot’s, Lord, Malizia, Merkur, Mitchell’s Wool Fat, Mühle, Parker, Pitralon, Rapira, Sabi, Shark, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Timor, Treet, Valobra, Wars, Wilkinson

Shavemac – – Dovo, Haslinger, Merkur, Olivesoap, Shavemac, Speick, Tabac, Weleda.

The Shaver Shop – – Col. Conk, Edwin Jagger, Geo. F. Trumper, HeadBlade, Merkur.

Shaving Shack – – 01752 898191 – Check out the Otok0 Organics in particular. Cyril Salter, Derby, Dovo of Solingen, D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Erasmic, Feather, G.B. Kent & Sons, Merkur, Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap, Musgo Real, Omega, Otoko Organics, Parker, Vulfix, Proraso, Simpsons, Speick, Tabac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill. – – 01 5240758 – Located in Ireland. Arko, Cella, Dovo, D.R. Harris, Edwin Jagger, Feather, Floïd, Geo. F. Trumper, Merkur, Mühle, Musgo Real, Omega, Parker, Pashana, Proraso, Semogue, Simpson, Speick, Tabac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Timor, Vitos – –  Not a vendor, but a site that routinely reviews shaving equipment and supplies, from time to time finding things of interest to traditional wetshavers. – shoeboxshaveshop@yahoo.com786-200-2774 (between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Time) –  Anherb, Arko, Cella, Erasmic, Figaro, Fitness, Institut Karité, Lord, Mitchell’s Wool Fat, Omega, Pre De Provence, PREP, Proraso, Speick, Tabac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Treet, Weishi.Offers blade sampler packs.

Smallflower – Voice 800-252-0275 Central time – fax 773-989-8108 – Geo. F. Trumper, Mitchell’s Wool Fat, Muhle Pinsel, Musgo Real (including Glyce Lime Oil pre-shave soap), Pre de Provence, Provence Santé, Proraso, Speick, Tabac.

The Soap Opera – – Voice 800-251-7627 Central Time.   Their Himalaya shaving soap (with shea butter and soy) is particularly good.

Straight Razor Designs – – Baxter of California, Castle Forbes, D.R. Harrris, Heirloom Razor, Maestro Livi, Merkur, Truefitt & Hill. Both straight and safety razor products.

The Superior Shave – admin@thesuperiorshave.com904-482-1175 Eastern Time – Derby, Dovo, Feather, Merkur, Mühle, Omega, Parker, Proraso, Simpson, Thiers-Issard, Valobra, Vulfix.

Superlather – help@superlather.com727.483.5639 Eastern time – Alt Innsbruck, Erasmic, Floïd, Ingraam, Irisch Moos, Noxema, P.160, Palmolive, Pitralon, Proraso.

Traditional Shaving Company — Astra, Colonel Conk, Crystal, Cyril R Salter, Derby, Edwin Jagger, Feather, Mama Bears Soaps, Merkur, Osma, Personna, Saint Charles Shave, Simpsons, Taylor of Old Bond Street, and Truefitt and Hill.

Traditional Shaving Supplies – – +353 1 5240 758 in Dublin, Ireland. Acca Kappa, Astra, Cella, Coates, Edwin Jagger, G.B. Kent, Feather, La Toja, Merkur, Mitchells Wool Fat, Mühle, Omega, Semogue, Simpson, Speick, Sputnik, Tabac, Timor.

Tryphon Barbiera Italiana – No longer in operation. See this note.

Tulumba – info@tulumba.com866-885-8622 Eastern Time – Arko, alum block.

C* Vintage Blades LLC – jim@vintagebladesllc.com410-357-8055 Eastern Time – Col. Conk, Dovo, D.R. Harris, Floris London, Merkur, Rooney, Shavemac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Thayers, Truefitt & Hill, Vulfix.

Vintage Scent – Worth browsing for brands you won’t find elsewhere: 444, Confianca, Floïd, La Toja, Lavanda, LEA, Semogue

C* The Well Shaved Gentleman443-717-3969 Eastern Time -Shave-ready Dovo straight razors, along with a variety of strops and hones.

West Coast Shaving – contact@westcoastshaving.com877-710-6037 Pacific Time – Cella, Gillette, Goodfella, Merkur, Mitchell, Proraso, Shavemac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Valobra.  Offers blade sampler packs.


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flow; Each person can find tasks appropriate for him or her that will promote flow: rock climbing, painting or drawing, gardening, cooking, and the like. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defined the term in his studies and in the book that emerged from them, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.
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7 “What was I thinking?
eBay safety razors
9 For a wonderful account of the first-time experience, read what brderj and DEsquire say in this thread.
10 series of videos made by Mantic
11 different types
12 a cream
13 The Art of the Straight-Razor Shave (book)
The Art of the Straight-Razor Shave (PDF)
14 100% glycerine
15 From a comment
16 Hydrosol: Herbal distillates are aqueous solutions or colloidal suspensions (hydrosols) of essential oils usually obtained by steam distillation from aromatic plants or herbs. These herbal distillates have uses as flavorings, medicine and in skin care. Herbal distillates go by many other names including floral waters, hydrosols, hydrolates, herbal waters, toilet waters, aqua vitae, and essential water. See also this explanation.
17 synthetic bristles — Edwin Jagger synthetic-bristle brushes
18 several grades
19 Advantages of synthetic bristles
20 Vie-Long website
21 YouTube video on boar brush
22 Suribachi bowl
23 Semogue 2000
24 UPDATE 10/10/10: Zach has compiled, revised, and extended his guide to boar brushes and posted it as a permanent entry in See this post.
25 made by hand
26 make your own (scroll down)
27 clear differences
28 Vulfix brushes
29 Simpson brushes (1)
Simpson brushes (2) (includes Emperor 2 and 1)
Simpson brushes (3)
30 Rooney brushes (1)
Rooney brushes (2)
31 Simpsons measurements
32 Omega brushes (1)
Omega brushes (2)
33 Omega measurements
34 Shavemac brushes
35 Kent brushes (the BK4, the size I recommend; more Kent brushes here, along with Rooney and Edwin Jagger brushes)
36 from Crabtree & Evelyn
37 from The English Shaving Company (Edwin Jagger Best Badger is currently £15.32 for export: US$30.50)
38 wooden-handled brushes do just fine
39 shaving brush innovations
40 One video
41 some nice accessories
42 Mühle travel brush
43 Anatomy of hairshaft
44 a stand for the brush
45 how to cleansee these videos
46 Gold Dachs Shaving Brush cleaner
47 M.A.C. brush cleaner
48 Sunbeam Hot Shot; also, see this kettle, which heats water to a pre-set temperature (but no hotter)
49 Zojirushi hot-water dispenser
50 UtiliTEA kettle
51 somewhat drier
52 video referenced above
53 Mantic video
54 more information
55 a problem with the lather
56 The Moss scuttle
57 Dr. Moss quotation
58 Georgetown PotteryGeorgetown Scuttle
59 J.M. Fraser Shaving Cream
60 high praise
61 Nancy Boy shaving cream
62 Cremo Shave Cream
63 an illustrated guide
64 Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap
65 Tabac soap
66 Rivivage
67 Virgilio Valobra soap
68 How to make shaving stick (see book) More info here.
69 These instructions from Classic Shaving
70 this excellent tutorial
71 Superlather
72 A comment
73 Microphotographs
74 Blade reviews with photos
75 Feather Blade Safe
76 If you’re willing to undertake learning to use a straight razor, check and also The Art of the Straight Razor Shave(paperback book; or The Art of the Straight Razor Shave (PDF file)), by Chris Moss. For straight razors—sharpened, honed, and ready to shave—and accessories and advice, contact the highly regarded The Well Shaved Gentleman.
77 these three types of razors
78 A rack
79 a good review
80 loading Progress
81 offers this advice (Futur)
82 Vision user’s manual
83 Edwin Jagger razors
84 Feather premium razor
85 Pils razor
86 common Gillette razors; also, see these Super Speeds
87 dates of Gillette razors
88 Lady Gillette photos
89 Schick Injector
90 GEM G-Bar
91 Schick various models
92 Pella injector blades
93 Pella single-edged blades
94 clean it
95 Maas metal polish
96 shaver noted
97 ultrasonic cleaners
98 holding the tip
99 shaver has pointed out angle
100 tiny travel razor
101 tried a similar approach
102 useful diagram (PDF)
103 the basic (4-pass) method
104 advanced shaving techniques
105 Hydrolast Cutting Balm
106 Total Shaving Solution
107 All Natural Shaving Oil
108 Kinexium ST Shaving Oil
109 Gessato Pre-Shave Oil
110 Rituals Skincare Pre-Shave Oil
111 Milk and Honey Lotion
112 Non-comedogenic chart
113 Natural 1 oz bottle
114 Cobalt blue 1 oz bottle
115 First Method video
116 Method shaving supplies
117 shaver’s comment
118 One woman notes
119 My Nik Is Sealed
120 a lengthy review
121 Skin problems with aftershave
122 a variety of fragrances
123 a sampler package
124 Thayers Witch Hazel Aftershave
125 an entire array
126 Booster’s aftershaves
127 Proraso’s pre- and after-shave cream
128 Wikipedia perfume article
129 Mild acne photos
130 Moderate acne
131 Severe acne
132 Sulfur-based compounds
133 AcneNet
134; See also this post for additional tips that may be of help.
135 Low comedogenicity
136 Mayo Clinic articles
137 Anti-Cancer
138 Pictures of razor bumps and rash
139 Themba’s technique: See the threads here and here (scroll down at both links)
140 Innomed Lice Comb
141 Moore Unique Razor Bump Tool
142 Bump Fighter Razor
143 Barbicide
144 Bump Fighter
Bump Patrol
Dermagen Skin Revival System
Elicina Biological Treatment
Follique treatment
High Time Bump Stopper Products
Moore Unique Products
No Mo’ Bumps Aftershave
Prince Reigns Gel
Smart Shave Products
Tend Skin
145 Homemade version of Tend Skin
146 Eczema from shampoo
147 a beginner shaving kit
148 Bump Fighter Razor
149 recommended Omega synthetic bristle brush
150 Edwin Jagger Best Badger brushes (size Medium is best)
151 Poll on
152 “Exploring the Science of Shaving”
153 write-up on MSNBC
154 this “how-to-use” guide
155 series of videos
156 a comprehensive list

Written by LeisureGuy

2 April 2007 at 11:25 am

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  1. I see you have a link for Garry’s Sample Shop, but I don’t see one for The Wet Shaving Sample Shoppe on The Shave Nook. The format is similar to Garry’s, with a larger selection. Here is the link:

    Christopher H.

    22 September 2013 at 11:10 am

  2. That is included in the 6th edition (along with much else: the 6th edition is 50 pages longer than the 5th edition, which was substantially longer than the 4th edition). I don’t go back and keep adding to previous editions when a new edition comes out. Here are the sources in the 6th edition:

    All Lathered Up
    Garry’s Sample Shop
    Man Machine Samples (in the UK)
    Wet Shaving Sample Shop


    22 September 2013 at 11:20 am

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