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Powers of 10

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This is very cool. It was a book, now it’s a flash animation. The Older Grandson will love it. Thanks to a regular reader for pointing it out.

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23 April 2007 at 7:22 pm

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Be acquitted, go to jail anyway. Was that right?

The woman’s body lay in the Nacogdoches woods, partially unclothed and stabbed repeatedly.

The 7-year-old boy lay crying in the back seat of a nearby Buick, blood leaking from 20 stab wounds.

Nothing connected the white woman and black child beyond blood splatters running from the car to the woods. But nine days later, police made an arrest that linked both brutal attacks to a local man: Jimmy Lee Page, a convicted murderer out on parole.

It was August 1987, and prosecutors vowed to see Page put to death. When pretrial publicity forced the trial’s move from East Texas to Austin, Page’s lawyer was delighted. Austin, he thought, would give a fair shake to a black man accused of killing a white woman and nearly killing a child.

Sure enough, jurors were swayed by the lack of evidence against Page and found him not guilty. Afterward, several even shook the defendant’s hand.

But while everybody else filed out of the courtroom, Page did not go free — not that day nor any other. Almost 20 years later, he remains Prisoner 258222, still doing time despite the not guilty verdict.

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23 April 2007 at 1:57 pm

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Serious ping pong

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Well, semi-serious anyway.

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23 April 2007 at 1:51 pm

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Book is published!

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Book is now available. Hooray! Hope you like it.

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23 April 2007 at 11:22 am

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The low-carbon lifestyle

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I posted earlier a link to a little CO2 calculator that includes both estimates of your household’s contribution to CO2 emissions and also some guidelines on reducing those emissions.

Now I’ve come across a couple of books on the topic:

Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds–Be Part of the Global Warming Solution!

How to Live a Low-Carbon Life: The Individual’s Guide to Stopping Climate Change

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23 April 2007 at 10:41 am

Daily life in Baghdad

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It’s amazing how horror-struck the American people were at 32 deaths at Virginia Tech and how calmly they accept hundreds of civilian deaths in Iraq. Lara Logan has a segment on what a typical day is like for a family in Baghdad. Watch it.

Why did we invade? What are we doing there? What have we done to those people?

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23 April 2007 at 8:21 am

Like dipping into a cesspool

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Digby does a thorough job dipping deeper into the ramifications of the destruction of the Department of Justice as it was transformed into a political enforcement machine. Read it all.

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23 April 2007 at 8:14 am

Bush’s hostages

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Krugman, via Eschaton:

There are two ways to describe the confrontation between Congress and the Bush administration over funding for the Iraq surge. You can pretend that it’s a normal political dispute. Or you can see it for what it really is: a hostage situation, in which a beleaguered President Bush, barricaded in the White House, is threatening dire consequences for innocent bystanders — the troops — if his demands aren’t met.

If this were a normal political dispute, Democrats in Congress would clearly hold the upper hand: by a huge margin, Americans say they want a timetable for withdrawal, and by a large margin they also say they trust Congress, not Mr. Bush, to do a better job handling the situation in Iraq.

But this isn’t a normal political dispute. Mr. Bush isn’t really trying to win the argument on the merits. He’s just betting that the people outside the barricade care more than he does about the fate of those innocent bystanders.

What’s at stake right now is the latest Iraq “supplemental.” Since the beginning, the administration has refused to put funding for the war in its regular budgets. Instead, it keeps saying, in effect: “Whoops! Whaddya know, we’re running out of money. Give us another $87 billion.”

At one level, this is like the behavior of an irresponsible adolescent who repeatedly runs through his allowance, each time calling his parents to tell them he’s broke and needs extra cash.

What I haven’t seen sufficiently emphasized, however, is the disdain this practice shows for the welfare of the troops, whom the administration puts in harm’s way without first ensuring that they’ll have the necessary resources.

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23 April 2007 at 8:02 am

What a great shave!

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A really good shave is an unparalleled mood enhancer. This morning I had my two days’ stubble, a very good shaving field. I used Honeybee Spa’s Coconut shea-butter shaving soap that I had melted and made into a shaving stick. The longer stubble really scrapes off the soap, which I then worked up into a fine lather with my Finest brush.

The razor and blade were exactly those pictured on the book’s cover: the gold-plated Gillette Aristocrat and a Feather blade. Awesome shave. Three passes to total smoothness. Alum bar and 4711 aftershave, and I’m ready for anything. 🙂

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23 April 2007 at 7:37 am

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