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Kitty food update

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We’ve become fans of kitty food made by Natura after hearing their president on NPR and learning that their products required no recall because they use all domestic (US) foods in their formula and they hold those ingredients to the same standards as used for human foods. (They tried to find standards for pet foods, but there were none, so they just used human standards.)

Because little big Sophie has a sensitive digestive system, finding food for her can be a challenge. So we went shopping this weekend for something new for her, and I decided to give California Natural a try as a canned food. (Natura makes the Evo kibble that Megs likes, and I decided to discontinue ordering the PetGuard after a vendor stiffed me on an order, so I’m looking for local canned foods.)

Megs turned out not to like the venison and brown rice—too much left in the bowl by the next morning. But the salmon and sweet potato was another story. She practically elbowed me out of the way and scarfed down her whole portion (1/3 of a 6-oz can) before I left the kitchen. Sweet potatoes, BTW, are a good ingredient because they don’t have eyes, which is where problems arise with Irish potatoes.

You’ll note that the protein content of the canned food is low, but that’s because the moisture content is so high, which is part of the idea of feeding canned food in addition to kibble. That, and the kitty thinks it’s a great treat.

So: salmon and sweet potato will become the new food for Megs. YKMMV.

Written by Leisureguy

7 May 2007 at 12:39 pm

Posted in Cats, Megs

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