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Money-saving Firefox extensions

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Via Lifehacker, 20 Firefox extensions that save you money so you can buy more shaving gear. For example:

4. Grocery List Generator 1.5: I was tickled pink when I found this one. Sad, but true… GLG organizes information by items (i.e. chicken), category ( i.e. meat), and dish (i.e. fried chicken). When you first install the extension, take some time and enter all the items you typically buy at the grocery store as ingredients. There’s even categories for ‘Household & Personal Hygiene’ and ‘Drugstore’, so you can enter those types of items, too.

The easiest way to explain how you can save money with GLG is with an example of how I would use it. I read a lot of blogs using an RSS reader, including one from a food stylist in LA (yeah, I know). In May he posted a great recipe for sopapillas. With GLG, I pop open the extension and enter a dish ’sopapillas’. If I don’t have any dishes that use the same ingredients, I first add the ingredients as items and then add them to the dish. I copy the link of the post into the comments of the dish so I can find the measurements later, and then forget about the whole thing.

Later in the week I open GLG when I go through the weekly sales papers online. If chicken is on sale, I click the plus sign next to chicken and include the store and the price in the comments. I browse through my list of dishes, and find sopapillas. Those sound good, so I add that dish. When I click ‘Generate List’, I get a printable grocery list. This list is organized by category and includes the items I’ve chosen along with their comments ( i.e. chicken, ‘Bloom, 49c per pound’); it also includes the ingredients for any recipes I’ve selected. Print it out, take it to my stores, and I’m good to go.


Written by LeisureGuy

17 June 2007 at 11:06 am

Posted in Firefox, Software

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