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The sadness of the passing of a friend

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Alert Reader, I just learned through a phone call from his daughter, has passed away. It was quite sudden—a heart attack while he was on vacation in Hawaii. I’ve known him for 23 years, and we were close.

It was said in ancient Greece to count no man happy until he has died. That is, whether his life as a whole was happy can only be determined once his life has been completed. I believe that Steven had a happy life. He had trials, but he always surmounted them. He paid attention to the people he loved, and he found projects and activities that were fulfilling and emotionally rewarding. He had a wonderful close relationship, and he was especially proud of his daughter and his granddaughter.

I’ll miss him. And I’m glad that his life was happy.

Written by Leisureguy

7 July 2007 at 9:27 am

Posted in Daily life

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  1. Michael,
    Sorry to read your news. Saying good-bye to long time friends as an after the fact is a tough thing to do. But I would suspect that each time you and your friend Steve communicated, that you would have been of the mindset to tell him, perhaps in not such blatant phraseology as “you’re a terrific person and I have always enjoyed knowing you,” but in some other confirmation of his importance to you.



    8 July 2007 at 10:01 am

  2. I’m very sorry to hear this news. Steven may not have approved of our common tradition’s response to death: Baruch Dayan HaEmet: blessed is the true judge–which I take to mean that we’re not in charge.

    He was a wonderful friend to you (and you to him) and the source of many quotations: “Blue sky, Michael–blue sky.”


    Linda McConnell

    9 July 2007 at 9:26 am

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