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Sophie on chair

Sophie, waiting patiently for Windows to make its little “goodbye” song when the computer is  shut down. This signals the end of the workday, when at last Sophie can get the attention she so much enjoys. As soon as the song plays, Sophie runs in from wherever she is, mrking madly, and squirms about for a thorough petting. (“Mrking” is the name we give the sequence of small, short, vari-toned meows she makes, very much as if she were talking. Sometimes she makes these to herself, as she plays with something interesting (e.g., a crumpled piece of paper, a cable tie, or the like), and sometimes she directs them to The Wife, as if she’s telling her something important.)

Written by LeisureGuy

12 July 2007 at 8:56 am

Posted in Cats, Sophie

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