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No nuance, all ideology

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From Dan Froomkin’s column today:

Jim Lobe writes for the Inter Press Service, an alternative news service: “‘It’s not only too little too late, it’s actually a little more dangerous than that,’ said James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute. . . .

“‘The hallmarks of this administration’s policy have been neglect when they could do something, then letting ideology trump reality when they do do something, and then being ineffective as a result,’ Zogby said. ‘This has all the earmarks of that.'”

Augustus Richard Norton and Sara Roy write in a Christian Science Monitor opinion piece: “The Bush administration’s approach to the divided Palestinian territories is inviting disaster. By favoring the ‘good’ Fatah over the ‘evil’ Hamas, it is letting a dysfunctional ideology trump a good opportunity to bring progress to the Palestinians — and to the larger quest for peace with Israel. There can be no peace process with a Palestinian government that excludes Hamas. . . .

“How did the US end up in its current predicament? In January 2006, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza cast their ballots. Voting for the first time in 10 years, and resentful of corruption and arrogance in the Palestinian Authority, they decided for Hamas, described by many in the West as a terrorist group. Blindsided by its legitimate victory, the Bush administration faced a stark dilemma. If it accepted the result, a group that has launched terrorist attacks against Israel would be permitted to enjoy power. However, since the US had strongly backed the elections, rejecting the outcome would be hypocritical.

“Seasoned diplomats urged a middle path: Work with Hamas and foster a pragmatic dialogue with Israel. But the US rejected this. Instead, it campaigned to isolate and financially undermine the Hamas government, while working secretly to overthrow it.

“That policy prompted derision of US claims to foster democracy in the Arab world. And it upheld the radical Islamists’ claim that democracy is a sham.”

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17 July 2007 at 9:54 am

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