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Good links re: global warming

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Just to provide some reference material (which will now also go into the blogroll):

New Scientist has a list of links to various articles that are relevant to the discussion.

Included among the links is a link to the site “Common Arguments by Skeptics“, which includes responses to things like these:

  1. “The scientific consensus was wrong about flat earth so how can we trust them now?”
  2. “We can’t predict the weather, so how can we predict the climate?”
  3. “There are scientists that think climate change is not real!”
  4. “The clouds will save us from global warming.”
  5. “Ha! Look at 2006! Where are the hurricanes!??!!”
  6. “Carbon trading is worthless.  Kyotto is a scam.  It wouldn’t do anything anyway.”
  7. “Scientists are creating a scare to get grant money.”
  8. “The Greenland Ice is expanding!”
  9. “The Hockey Stick is broken.  Michael Mann refuses to release his code & data.”
  10. “Atmospheric CO2 levels could NOT have changed global temperatures if the temperature changes occured FIRST”
  11. “Climate models don’t work.  They don’t even ‘predict’ the past.”
  12. “The climate scientists want to make us poor peasants.”
  13. “The warming is natural, the sun & cosmic rays that are heating the earth.”
  14. ‘The CO2 readings are wrong and the correct data are being suppressed.’ (Coming Soon)
  15. “James Hansen is a bought-by-Kerry comunist and his models were fabricated to promote his statist schemes.”
  16. “The ice core records are unreliable.” (Coming Soon)
  17. “The warming is all from the urban heat island effect.”
  18. “The CO2 will fertilize the plants and increase food production.”

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6 September 2007 at 8:41 am

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