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Leather cover for Moleskine

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To protect your Moleskine notebook, slip it into one of these covers:

I have used Moleskine journals for years, but more often than not, by the time I’ve filled a journal, the spine is torn and in tatters. And because I write the journal number and date on the spine before putting my filled journals on my library shelf, this is a problem. The obvious solution is a nice leather slip-on cover, but I couldn’t find one that met my specs. In particular, I wanted a cover that wouldn’t interfere with use of the signature Moleskine elastic band or rear ticket pocket. And above all, it had to be sturdy and elegant, just like my otherwise-stout Moleskine. So I turned to Steve Derricott at Gfeller Casemakers, who made me a custom cover that works great, and now Gfeller is offering a slip-on cover that meets my high specs and more (note: I have NO financial interest in any of this, of course). The cover is made with the attention to detail that has made Gfeller a legend among geologists and field scientists for their extraordinary leather field cases. It is hand-cut and sewn with waxed Egyptian cotton thread, which is tap-set so that it will never, ever break. Steve makes the covers in English Kip leather, the same leather used in his field cases. Kip is a pale tan when new, but over time, exposure to light and the oils from your hand will cause it to darken. The process starts almost immediately, but continues over many years, all the while the cover gets darker and richer in tone, until in a decade or so, it will be a deep rich, mahogany. Because it has no dyed surface, the Kip cover will wear better than, say, a black dyed cover. Scratches and bumps will soften into the overall patina of the cover, adding to its character and giving it a wonderful feel like a fine old saddle — or of course one of Gfeller’s field cases after years of use in the field. (He does offer other leathers as an option, but I recommend sticking with Kip). Steve is stamping a serial number in each cover beneath the Gfeller cartouche, a reminder that one is not merely buying a journal cover but also an heirloom in the making. – Paul Saffo

Moleskine Notebook Cover $40 (stock #: MC.LN)
Available from Gfeller Casemakers (click link at upper left)

Gfeller Casemakers says this about the cover:

A second skin for your Moleskine that itself will become an elegant heirloom. Priced at $39.95 it is an excellent value and will provide exceptional service, becoming a comfortable second skin for that valuable Moleskine. We used our regular English kip, a thin very tight-grained leather that is exceedingly durable. (Also available in Chocolate or Black calf finished cowhide or buffalo, depending upon availability.)

This hand cut cover features extended inside cover flaps to completely eliminate the “Cover Bump” normally encountered with slip on covers. The rear inside flap has been slit to allow use of the elastic closure Moleskine made famous. Both front and rear inside pockets are sewn far enough to be secure, but allow wide opening to provide additional storage for loose papers and easy access to the pocket at the rear hard cover. Our cover also features an inside trim strip along top and bottom edges for stability and extra durability. Our stitching uses linen cord appropriately sized to this item…heavy enough to provide long wear without being unsightly. The stitch line is tapped down to close the needle holes, “setting” the stitch for extra security. We apply a light coat of pure Neatsfoot oil to lubricate the leather fibers and hand burnish the rounded edge to reduce fraying. Our wax based finish is applied last. This seals the surface to repel dirt and allows buffing out of light scratches. A lightly dampened towel will remove common surface dirt. We recommend moderation in the use of any cleaning product. Avoid anything that smells of petroleum byproducts.

The use of this cover will provide excellent protection to the Moleskine and gain character through a useful life of many years. Initial production will include serial numbers stamped inside the front cover next to our well-known Gfeller Casemakers cartouche. This mark has denoted items of exceptional quality and rugged durability since 1946. We are indeed proud to offer this addition to our line of no nonsense products for professional and other discriminating users of leather goods.

Our website will be updated to include Moleskine related info as soon as possible.

Please check there for the latest news on this and our other fine leather products. We specialize in short run (25-500 units typically) production of high quality leather goods. If you or anyone you know has needs at this level, kindly forward our name to them. We appreciate all the help we can get.

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10 September 2007 at 9:33 am

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  1. You can also find a very similar product made entirely by hand in your choice of colors at , and he’ll even tool in a monogram for you for free.



    19 February 2010 at 8:11 am

  2. Just took a look—very cool stuff. Thanks for the link.



    19 February 2010 at 8:40 am

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