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Chinese knife now sharp

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Okay, I got one of these, and I’ve been sharpening it for a while, using a Japanese waterstone and following the instructions here. He sharpens the knife the opposite way from what I’ve used—I lead with the edge, as though to cut off a thin slice of the stone, whereas he pulls the edge along over the stone. But I followed his advice.

I got a King Deluxe “S” (B) 6000 grit waterstone and a Naguro stone (used to flatten the waterstone as needed and to create a slurry to speed sharpening). I probably would have finished the job faster if I had gotten also an 800 grit waterstone to use at the start—like this kit: holder, 800 grit, 6000 grit, and Naguro stone.

I did use a DMT diamond sharpening stone (the red: 25 micron or 600 mesh) to start—otherwise I would have been grinding away for ages. As it was, I worked 15 minutes at a time. The 6000 grit wears away the edge slowly but surely, and now the cleaver is very sharp indeed, and I have the satisfaction of knowing I did it and can bring it back.

Of course, I already had a Dexter cleaver, extremely sharp and stainless steel, which I see is what Chinese chefs in this country actually use. But I did want to try my hand with a carbon steel cleaver.

Written by Leisureguy

21 September 2007 at 8:45 am

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