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Now that’s a shave!

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From The Shave Den:

Come to the Philippines gentlemen. They have the real deal here. Here is my latest monthly routine at my local barbershop located in the mall:

  • Haircut
  • Straight shave (using my products that I bring in, hot towels)
  • Massage (one hour, arms, shoulders, neck, face, scalp, back, legs, all in the chair, fully reclined)
  • Mud pack on face

Total time in the chair, about 2 hours.
Cost: $7, plus a giant $2 tip.

I bring in my own products because they do not have products that we use, in the Philippines. So I brought in a sample size tub of Truefitt & Hill 1805, T&H Sandalwood and Art of Shaving Lavender, a cheapo brush, and a small decant of Nivea aftershave balm, that he keeps in his locked drawer for my routine visits. I am going to have to slip a puck of Mama Bear’s shaving soap in there.

He is top notch. The routine goes something like this:

I sit down, haircut starts. About 30 minutes later, he tips me back to full horizontal, adds a few extra pads for the neck, etc. Then we proceed to the shave. 2-3 hot towels and about 5 minutes later, he is applying the shave cream. He lets it sit in there on my face for a few minutes. I really feel the work of the cream in this way, tingling, moisturizing, whatever it does, it just feels good. Then the shave commences. He uses an injector type straight razor with a new blade, working in extremely close strokes, stretching my face around. Then he feels around, and lathers me up for the second pass, a touch up, only hitting the spots that were not glass smooth after the first pass. Then I get the hot towel again, followed by a facial scalp massage. Then he applies a mud pack. It looks like some kind of green clay type. Then the neck, shoulder, arms, hand, and leg massage. He uses his bare hands for half of it, then the electric hand barber type massager for the other half. After a good long time, he is done. Then the mud pack comes off. I am back in the sitting up position at this point, and he fixes my hair, applies the aftershave balm, and I get another few minutes of a shoulder and back massage, in a “percussive” kind of way. Once I walk out there, my cheeks start to hurt after a few minutes. But it’s not from an allergic reaction, it is from smiling too much.

Written by Leisureguy

22 September 2007 at 9:55 am

Posted in Daily life, Shaving

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