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DEA running amuck

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What’s the point of things like this? From an email:

Right now, the DEA is currently raiding the River City Patient Center in Sacramento, California — the longest established medical marijuana dispensary in the city. Protesters have gathered outside the building in support of the collective.

And yesterday, the DEA began threatening landlords in the Santa Barbara area who lease space to medical marijuana dispensaries — activity that’s legal under California state law — with federal prison time and forfeiture of their properties. Several dispensaries closed right away.

This follows a similar move in Los Angeles in July — a maneuver that was condemned in a Los Angeles Times editorial as “a deplorable new bullying tactic.”

No matter what state you live in, will you please take a few minutes towrite all three of your members of Congress to protest this federal interference in state law? MPP’s action center is easy to use: You can send one of our pre-drafted letters, or you can personalize the letter.

This is just the latest in the campaign of terror the DEA is waging on the sick. In June and July, the DEA conducted extensive medical marijuana raids in several California counties and in Oregon, including raids on at least 10 Los Angeles clinics in late July. Most were aimed at medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally under state and local laws, and in several cases the DEA detained and terrorized individual patients.

If this outrages you like it does me, would you help MPP hire a new grassroots organizer in California, as well as to retain a lobbyist to help push legislation in Sacramento to protect these dispensaries? If enough supporters on this e-mail list donate today, MPP will be able to fully pay for both positions.

These reprehensible DEA attacks — which run counter to state law, as well as the 78% of the American people who support “making marijuana legally available for doctors to prescribe in order to reduce pain and suffering” — are preventing effective local regulation of medical marijuana: Cities and counties in California are passing ordinances to ensure that medical marijuana dispensaries follow the law and serve patients properly. But by treating all who provide medical marijuana to the sick as common drug dealers, the DEA has become the single largest obstacle to effective regulation of these establishments.

A major Los Angeles raid actually occurred at the exact moment that members of the city council were holding a press conference to discuss an ordinance to regulate medical marijuana providers.

Local officials and major newspapers are outraged by the DEA’s actions. After the July raids in Los Angeles, L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine — a Republican and former police officer with the L.A. Police Department — said, “I am greatly disturbed that the Drug Enforcement Administration would initiate an enforcement action against medical marijuana facilities in the City of Los Angeles during a news conference regarding City Council support of an Interim Control Ordinance to regulate all facilities within the City. This action by the DEA is contrary to the vote of Californians who overwhelmingly voted to support medicinal marijuana use by those facing serious and life threatening illnesses. The DEA needs to focus their attention and enforcement action on the illegal drug dealers who are terrorizing communities in Los Angeles.”

After a series of DEA medical marijuana raids in San Francisco, the city’s health director, Dr. Mitchell Katz, wrote to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, “These actions have resulted in 4,000 persons with chronic illness left without access to critical treatment upon which they rely. Certainly in this post-September 11 environment, it seems that a DEA priority punishing organizations for distributing cannabis for medical purposes to chronically ill individuals is misplaced.”

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26 September 2007 at 2:43 pm

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  1. The Devil Engaging Administration (DEA) by raiding the dispensaries is a bold & cold fact about the DEA in the USA. They don’t give a damn about human rights , pain and suffering. I know a man that is now a pharmacist at a Methadone Clinic who was a DEA agent in Columbia fighting the cocaine cartels. That’s where the DEA should be spending there time and money stopping the flow of Heroin, cocaine, and meth. Oh no, if marijuana is legalized the USA has some sort of military branch of covert men and women who’s sole job is to try and eliminate the marijuana use in the USA. Good luck suckers, marijuana and it’s theraputic effects are here to stay. I live in a state where MMJ is illegal, in the midwest no less, and I have no problem illegally buying marijuana. To hell with my state if that’s all they care about humans. The DEA knows damn good and well that marijuana is more healthful than harmful, and that scares them for some ignorant reason. I say legalize marijuana like booze, booze is certainly more harmful than marijuana as is tobacco. If I ever were to get busted I would do my best to committ suicide because my life without marijuana is to painful to live that I know God would not hold it a sin against me if I did commit suicide, He would place the blame where it belongs straight on the shoulders of the DEA assholes, and our asshole, retarded King george the ii. Boy will Americans be glad when king george the ii is out of office, he is a crueler criminal than Nixon. Although Nixon was actually smarter than King george the ii. This guy couldn’t even get into an IVY League College he is so fuc—- stupid! It took daddy’s money to make him half (which is full for him) way educated. I say go to hell bush you belong there since you are caring out your Father’s, Satan’s, wishes. No not daddy king george the 1st but yes SATAN has control of the DEA and King george the ii, and will keep them from legalizing marijuana medically or even recreational like booze. Satan will keep this fight going on in the USA as long as possible because human conflict is his nurishment. So King george the ii, you go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200 but DO collect all DEA employee’s and do America a favor and jump in a grave and let yourself be buried alive so you can relate to the painful situation you put millions of Americans through who are sick and dieing just for smoking a natural plant not synthesized into a more potent form like crack or ice. You guys at the DEA are communist’s because you follow your own laws not the laws of the USA, so you deserve to feel what it is like being nauseated or in pain with your healing, helpful medicine kept from you. So all DEA agents shoot yourself in the foot and walk on it until it heals with absolutely no medication, no pain killing meds, nothing, not even a bandage or cream to fight infection. Believe you me they will quickly legalize marijuana so they could get their narcotics which is 1000 times more addictive than marijuana, doctors have proof that marijuana is the mildest form of addiction. Not like alcohol which, alcohol withdrawal is fatal, not so with marijuana or even Heroin. Only alcohol addiction/withfrawal leads to death. So all DEA agents, shoot yourself in the foot and suffer like you are making the rest of you country suffer you bastard’s, or drink yourself into an alcoholic coma for that will be the only pain med available to you. Then you can see how safe alcohol is, especially after required to drive after comsuming one liter of Vodka.. Go to hell bush and your prejudice DEA and their crime organazations. America is way better off WITHOUT YOU! The Netherlands is a way better place to live ,. If I could afford it I would gladly give up my USA citizenship to live in Amsterdam and grow and medically treat myself with marijuana, the sfest medication known to man. Go ahead proove me wrong, you can’t. Go ahead and try it, suckers.



    26 September 2007 at 10:15 pm

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