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Continuing the profiles of on-line shaving vendors, let me talk a bit about Em’s Place, another “complete” shaving vendor in the sense that you can buy the entire set-up here (as you can at Classic Shaving and Razor & Brush): shaving soap and cream, brush, razor, blades, aftershaves, and the like.

In addition to Proraso, Musgo Real, Tabac, and the Geo. F. Trumper line (shaving soap, shaving cream, aftershaves, skin food, cologne), Em also sells her own line of shaving soap and lathering shave cream, the latter in a pump-bottle format that’s especially convenient, I think, for shower shavers.

Her on-line catalog is the easiest way to access the range of products. On the right you will see a variety of reference articles and some useful videos as well.

As you can see, beyond the shaving products, she carries a variety of other bodycare and skincare products, including products for women. Razors include the Merkur line, Dovo straight razors, and razors for head-shaving. She offers a good line of shaving brushes, including the esteemed Omega and Simpsons brushes. She also has a useful section on travel shaving items and offers a good line of blades, including Crystal, Derby, and Feather brands.

I’ve ordered many products from her over the years, and the service is always excellent with good communication. As I pointed out, this is the rule for on-line vendors, most of them relatively small operations depending heavily on word-of-email and forum postings to attract new customers—a great benefit, since you can shop with confidence at their sites.

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9 October 2007 at 10:23 am

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  1. Along with Lee’s Safety Razors, I placed an order with Em’s and was quite happy with everything. Emily Witherspoon was helpful both via email and over the telephone when I had some questions about the razor & brush stands she sells. You can order different sized forks and different sized bases to make your own “custom” stand.



    7 July 2008 at 7:52 pm

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