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Good news via Glenn Greenwald

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From his column today:

Democracy for America, the grass-roots group originally founded by Howard Dean in 2003, announced yesterday that it was targeting for defeat Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski of Illinois, who has been loyally supporting the Bush administration on everything from the war to warrantless eavesdropping:

Send a message to Congress: You’re on notice. Regardless of political party, when Congress won’t represent the will of the American people, then DFA members will fight to replace them with someone who will.

They are supporting and funding a primary challenger who actually believes in opposing the administration’s radicalism and the war. That’s what is needed. Democrats who support Bush and enable the war and who are forced to face difficult primary challenges will — even if they win — emerge much weaker and with far fewer resources to defend their seat in the general election. As Matt Stoller said:

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of writing and calling representatives and feeling they will ignore me. I don’t like that the ACLU is cut out of civil liberties legislative drafting, or that net neutrality is still nowhere in Congress. All of this is actually wasted energy; it’s a negative feedback loop that substantially dampens the effectiveness of liberal activism. And obviously, I don’t think that getting rid of Republicans is the whole answer, any more than electing a Democratic Congress did anything to slow the war. Politics is complex, but sometimes we can identify a systemic problem and a model to address it. The broken market for primaries is one such problem, and it’s very fixable. Once Democratic leaders recognize that they represent both the Democratic Party and their district/state, their behavior will shift in important ways, and allow us to focus on other activities. Primaries are strong positive feedback loops for activists, and a good insurance policy against betrayal.

The goal is to have a Congress that does the right thing, not a “Democratic Congress” that doesn’t. As much pressure as possible should be brought to bear on the Democrats who have made the 2006 change of control virtually worthless.

I surely hope there will be a primary challenger to Dianne Feinstein, the Lieberman from California.

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9 October 2007 at 12:43 pm

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