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Molly seems to be feeling better

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The Wife’s reports at 9:30 last night:

Molly has eaten a few kibble. I brought her bowls in here [the living room], and she seemed to appreciate that. And then she went back to sleep. Then got up and ate a few more kibble. Now asleep again. Touching me at all times except when eating kibble or en route to/from eating kibble. The collar is way better than those old plastic ones.

The collar is one of those Elizabethan kind of collars to keep the cat from licking the incision. This one is made of a flexible soft plastic fabric, stiff enough to hold its shape but not totally rigid the way the old plastic ones were.

Molly spent most of the afternoon and evening lying on the floor, covered with a little blanket, with The Wife propped on cushions beside her so Molly was touching her—very important to Molly, who needed the comforting reassurance that she was close by.

Later, at midnight, this note:

Just as I decide it’s time for bed, Miss Thing decides it’s activity time.

She has played with a mouse a little, she has used the litterbox (and did not get any grains in her little area, which is very weird-looking, by the way), and she has been up on the table (and immediately scooped down again.

Oh, now she wants to play fetch. I’m not kidding. Should I take all the mousies away?

She has also been frantically trying to get the collar off, and trying to figure out how to lick her incision. She’s been licking the inside of the collar a lot, and trying out various different yoga poses.

Oh, and when she tried to scratch her ear, it just spun the collar round and round, so then she stomped over to me and gave me her head to scratch for her.

Oh great, she’s using paws and head together to manipulate the collar. I think I’m doing to have to get some scotch tape.

The Wife just called to say that when the lights were turned out, Molly settled right down to sleep beside her and didn’t stir. (The Wife slept on the sofa cushion on the floor, next to Molly.)

Glad this is something that happens just once.

Written by Leisureguy

9 October 2007 at 9:07 am

Posted in Cats, Medical, Molly

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