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A President who lies

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He does more than lie, but lie he does. From Dan Froomkin today:

Lou Dubose writes in the Washington Spectator: “‘I have strongly supported the S-CHIP as a governor, and I have done so as president,’ said President Bush at the beginning of a hastily called press conference on September 20.

“He was lying.

“Most elected officials lie. . . . Yet the lie President Bush told about his position on the children’s health insurance program while he was governor of Texas is newsworthy. It was intended to mask an ideological rigidity that will adversely affect the lives of millions of children, just as Bush’s ideological rigidity in 1999 would have affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in Texas if the legislature hadn’t forced him to implement S-CHIP.”

Dubose writes that “as governor of Texas, Bush used the legislative calendar to stall two years before implementing the program, then fought to limit the number of children covered. . . . When the legislature convened in 1999, Bush recommended implementing the S-CHIP, but with enrollment requirements so stringent that hundreds of thousands of qualified children would have been locked out of the program. . . .

“At first, Bush was unyielding. But he was running for president, watching polls. In the end, he capitulated, agreeing to the Democrats’ plan, with its enrollment of 500,000 children in the program. I was standing in the House chamber when Bush walked over to the Democratic legislator who had led the fight.

“‘Congratulations,’ Bush said to him. ‘You shoved it down our throat.'”

Some people lose respect for Presidents who lie about their past political positions and decisions. Others say, “IOKIYAR.”

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16 October 2007 at 3:33 pm

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