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The 2008 hydrogen-fueled Honda FCX

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Amazing: it will be sold to the public, not just another prototype. And it should sell extremely well if we indeed are now past Hubbert’s peak: not buying gasoline and instead getting your fuel from water and sunlight (solar power) would become very attractive indeed.

Honda FCX

During Honda’s press conference at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the company’s CEO announced that the FCX sedan would enter production, and be on sale during 2008.

The FCX will include a fuel cell, battery pack and electric motor that produces a horsepower equivalent of about 135 hp. Honda’s advancements in the area of fuel cell technology have allowed it to claim a total range of 354 miles per fill up, which should be more than ample for most peoples’ day-to-day driving needs. The car will look more or less identical to the concept shown here, and size-wise it will occupy the same approximate footprint as the Acura TSX or BMW 3-Series.

While hydrogen is only available at very select refueling stations, the car can be filled up at home thanks to a wall-mounted fuel station. In principle this is similar to what Honda is currently offering with its natural gas-powered Civic, although it differs in that the CNG is merely piped through an existing network already feeding the home’s heating and appliances, where the FCX’s wall-mount actually creates hydrogen by breaking down water into its elements (hydrogen and oxygen) through a process called electrolysis. It is 100-percent green in that the system can be powered (and often is powered) by solar energy.

The production FCX will be unveiled sooner than expected, with a debut at this year’s LA Auto Show in November.

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28 October 2007 at 3:21 pm

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