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Cowon D2

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Okay, the Wired tests of desirable techie toys did me in. I got a Cowon D2 media player, which now comes in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB versions, all of which will accept a memory expansion card: the SD 4GB card (at $35), for example. It’s all flash memory, no tiny hard drives—and thus no moving parts. And—a biggie for me—it will play not only .MP3 files, but also Ogg, FLAC, and others.

It’s very nice that it will accept and display .jpg files. I use my Adobe Photoshop Elements ver. 4.0 to cut down the filesize while leaving the image quality by-and-large intact: File, Save for Web. That option lets you specify the quality level, and even “High” quality will trim a 2 MB .jpg to 100 KB or so. One caution: there’s a checkbox on the “Save for Web” popup that lets you specify the result as a “Progressive” .jpg—a .jpg that, on a Web page, becomes progressively clearer. The D2 will not accept Progressive .jpgs, so uncheck the box. Fortunately, the box is “sticky” and will remain the way you set it.

Another minor sticking point: when you download and install the upgraded firmware (following the very clear directions on the Cowon Web page), the USB connection is set to “MTB”. It should be changed to “MSC” or the Jetshell program, which runs on your PC and facilitates file management on the D2, will not be able to find the device. So after updating firmware, go to Settings, System, USB connection, and change it from MTB to MSC.

Other than that, it’s been clear sailing. The tiny stylus is not really needed, and I use different headphones since those that come with the unit don’t fit my ear. I noticed after the walk yesterday that I was sweating enough to steam up the unit a little—I was carrying it in my shirt pocket. I got out a snack-size Ziplock baggie and the D2 fits very nicely in it. I zip the baggie shut except for one end, from which the headphone cord emerges, and I can see the screen and work the controls without removing the D2 from the baggie.

I got them as a deal with myself: if I get them, I must walk, since the purpose was to have something to listen to on the walk. So far, so good. (One day.)

Written by Leisureguy

30 October 2007 at 10:33 am

Posted in Techie toys

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  1. Shopping moratorium now in effect.


    the wife

    30 October 2007 at 11:17 am

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