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Vinegar: a cool tool

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I’ve been drinking 2 Tbs of vinegar before bed each night (and Bragg’s is the best), and now I see all these other uses:

I recently became a vinegar convert after acquiring this book whose intriguing subtitle says it all: Over 400 Various, Versatile, and Very Good Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of. What’s behind the cover fulfilled its title’s promise: I am now using vinegar in several of the ways it suggests, primarily (so far) as a spray-bottle cleanser and flavoring agent/foodstuff. While I can’t say for sure that all 400 uses will work as promised, I’ve had success with a number of them. Next up, I plan to leave a gallon of it overnight, with a gallon or two of water, in the bottom of my bathtub the next time it needs a major touch-up. Some other uses: deodorizer (e.g., of pet stains); recipe-helper (in a wide variety of roles); laundry-cleaning-helper; home remedy (e.g., against bug-bites and burns); pet cleaner/medicine; beauty/grooming aid. Compared to its alternatives, vinegar is inexpensive, easy on the environment, and versatile, which cuts down on my household “inventory.” The author also wrote a book called Baking Soda, which I’m just about to plunge into.

Here are a few vinegar recommendations I’ve already used:

– Clean the microwave by boiling a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar until it steams up. Wipe clean.

– Add vinegar to a hand-pump compressed-air sprayer to kill weeds and grass growing in crevices in a patio and walkways.

– Make any dried bean dish less gassy or stinky by adding 1/4 cup vinegar to the soaking water.

– Make catsup and other condiments last longer when the bottle is almost empty by adding a little vinegar and shaking.

– Spread a cloth soaked in vinegar over a price tag you want to remove and leave overnight.

– Get rid of fruit flies by setting out a small dish of vinegar—it will attract and drown them.   – Roger Knights

Vinegar: Over 400 Various, Versatile, and Very Good Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of
Vicki Lansky, 20 pages, 2003

More recommendations:

Make creamy scrambled eggs: as eggs thicken when scrambling, add a tablespoon of vinegar for every two eggs.

Rub vinegar on the cut end of uncooked ham to prevent mold.

Add a tsp. of vinegar and sugar to correct a too-salty taste (in any recipe).

Pour a dash of white vinegar on a cloth and lay it over a burn, including sunburn.

Try vinegar ice cubes to clean and deodorize a garbage disposal.

Pour a cup of vinegar into the dishwasher and run the empty machine through the whole cycle to get rid of soap buildup and odors.

Use a paste of vinegar and baking soda to clean tarnished brass, copper, and pewter, or the scorch marks on the bottom of an iron.

Renew sponges, loofahs, dingy white socks, and dish rags by letting them soak overnight in dilute vinegar.

Remove grease and grime from fan blades, oven interiors, tops of refrigerators, etc.

Pour 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar into a sandwich-sized or quart-sized plastic bag and tying over a scummy shower-head for an hour.

Clean toilet bowl rings by turning off the input spigot, removing water from the bowl, and laying vinegar-soaked paper towels on the ring for an hour or more.

Stretch any commercial window cleaner by combining it with 1/3 water and 1/3 vinegar.

Scrub fireplace bricks with vinegar.

Decrease static or dust accumulation of plastic or vinyl surfaces by wiping them down with vinegar and water.

Use vinegar on mildewed garments that cannot take bleach.

Wash new clothes with 1/2 cup white vinegar to eliminate manufacturing chemicals.

Remove odor and perspiration or deodorant stains by spraying vinegar on underarm or collar areas.

Make nylon hose look smoother and last longer by adding a tablespoon over vinegar to the rinse water.

Get salt stains off shoes with a dilute vinegar wipe.

Stop itching from insect stings or poison ivy by dabbing or spraying with vinegar.

To cut appetite and reduce weight, drink one glass of a mixture of vinegar, honey, and grapefruit juice before meals.

Pour vinegar wherever you don’t want ants to congregate.

Add it to the kids’ sandbox to discourage cats from employing it. Also, spray vinegar on furniture or surfaces you want a cat to leave alone.

Get rid of rust on spigots, tools, or bolts by soaking them.

Tighten the cane in a sagging chair by sponging it with a heated solution of 50/50 vinegar and water.

Wash skinned game with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution to reduce the gamey taste.

Add vinegar to a pet’s drinking water to discourage fleas and mange.

Written by Leisureguy

12 November 2007 at 11:13 am

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  1. Been using the Bragg vinegar as a tonic 3x a day (2-3 tsp’s + 4 oz H2O)
    for a while & the beneficial effects are just astonishing: pretty much cured my, er, uhh, BHP problem(s), provides energy, sleep better, helps control blood sugar & astoundingly has really started relieving my arthiritis in my hips.

    ’bout 4 other guys in my CubeFarm have started using it & report similiar
    wonderful results.

    Aside from the healthy aspects of the ACV tonic have not really scratched
    the surface on the huge number of other uses for the product.

    Am snootin’ ‘n snortin’ this tonic till I end up pushing daisies.

    Another great thing is that it does allow a guy to improve his health with
    a Snoot’n’Snort (which is a real guy way to medicate).

    Good post, MH as it will undoubtedly inspire a few readers to give it a try
    & to try it is to benefit greatly from it.



    12 November 2007 at 1:30 pm

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