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At last! Editor identified and held to account.

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And the editor in question doesn’t even seem to appreciate our recognition of her responsibility. Read Greenwald’s column today and take action as appropriate.

One aside: from the column:

As Jane details here, she called Painton in an attempt to find out information about how these false claims made it into Klein’s article, what Time was planning on doing to correct it and whether they would account for what happened. I happened to be conversing with Jane by video when she was finally able to speak by telephone to Painton and thus heard Jane’s end of the discussion.

The call lasted roughly 10 seconds. Jane asked one or two questions in the most polite and professional manner possible — whether Painton was Klein’s Editor and how such errors made their way into the article. As Jane describes, after she asked Painton how such inaccuracies could make it into the Time article, Painton snapped: “That assumes that there are errors.” She then slammed down the phone in Hamsher’s face.

That behavior on Painton’s part seems quite unprofessional. But consider: if she were a professional, would she (a) allow blatant and obvious errors to go into print (or even accept an article on a piece of legislation from a writer who had never bothered to read the legislation), or (b) denied the existence of the error when it has been publicly exposed?

I fear that many editors, like other creatures that spend their lives out of sight in the dark, may run affrighted when when the light finally shines in upon them. Rather little joy in being discovered not doing your job, generally. But don’t forget: many of these editors (like Painton) are quite clearly in over their heads, and the panicky feeling of being found out gives them little peace of mind. It’s little wonder that they react as the do.

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27 November 2007 at 9:37 am

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