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Windows Mobile: Pocket Informant free on Jan 4 and 5

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That’s today and tomorrow:

There are two complaints we’ve had with Windows Mobile since before the operating system was even called Windows Mobile:

  1. The X button at the top of a screen doesn’t close a window, it just minimizes it.
  2. The calendar/contacts/notes applications are horrible.

There are plenty of free third-party add-ons that address the first issue. But if you want a better personal information management suite than the one that comes with Windows Mobile, you’re going to have to get out your wallet. Agenda Fusion, Pocket Informant, Agendus, and several other applications are excellent PIM replacements. Each has enhanced search features, a more useful calendar week-view, and better integration of tasks, notes, calendars, and contacts. But each of these applications also costs a few bucks.

Pocket Informant has long been one of our favorites, but the latest version costs a whopping $35. Sure, it’s worth it, but if you’re on a budget, you might look at the price tag, look at your Smartphone and decide the built-in calendar isn’t that bad.

But Jan 4th and 5th you can get Pocket Informant for free. The makers of Pocket Informant have partnered online PDA software retailer MobiHand to give away free copies of the software for the next two days. Just use the code PIFREE at checkout to get your free copy. Be forewarned, when we tried to download the application this morning, MobiHand’s site was performing very slowly, but slow and steady wins the race. We were able to download and register Pocket Informant 7. The software should work with all Windows Mobile 2003 and newer devices.

Written by Leisureguy

4 January 2008 at 10:50 am

Posted in Daily life, Software

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