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Free ebook on The Philosophy of Social Cognition

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Via My Mind on Books, here’s a free ebook. (Just the first chapter available so far.)

I am currently teaching an undergrad Philosophy of Mind course at U of T. I called it “The Social Mind: Mentality and Sociality” (see this page). I present it a course on the “philosophy of social cognition”, i.e., the overlap between (naturalized) philosophy of mind and (naturalized) social philosophy. I will try to convert my notes in short texts that, together, will constitutes a free e-book called The Philosophy of Social Cognition: An Introduction to the Philosophical Approaches of Mentality and Sociality. The idea is to focus on philosophical questions that are relevant for contemporary research on social cognition. The chapters will be posted on this blog (follow the tag POSC) and on my website ( NOTE THAT THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, not a final product.

Here is the first chapter: “The Other Minds” (PDF)

The author:

Benoit Hardy-Vallée: As a philosopher of science interested in cognitive science, economics and biology, my work addresses interdisciplinary, normative and descriptive issues related in many ways to rationality and decision-making. “Natural rationality”, the topic of this blog, is the study of decision-making mechanisms in humans and other animals. I discuss scientific and philosophical approaches to natural rationality.

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21 January 2008 at 11:12 am

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