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Freshly baked bread every night

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Via Scott Feldstein’s blog, this recipe for a bread recipe. (The video required IE Tab for me—the Firefox tab wouldn’t work.) The basics (though the video is quite helpful):

[The secret:] Premixed, prerisen, high-moisture dough keeps well in the refrigerator.

With that discovery, Hertzberg and Francois developed a method that makes any home into a mini artisan bake shop. You’ll mix up a four- or eight-pound batch of dough — it literally takes just five minutes — and, once it rises, you’ll refrigerate it for as long as a couple of weeks. Then, each night or as needed, you’ll pinch off a pound or so of dough, shape it quickly, let it rest while you do something else, and bake it. Toward the end of the storage period, the dough becomes more tangy, more sourdough-like, although it’s not a true sourdough.

Small households can bake little loaves, or even singleton buns.

“My mother, who lives alone, bakes a single roll every night to go with her dinner,” Francois said. Larger families can bake bigger loaves. But nobody needs to bake more bread than they’ll eat in a day or two. Because the next fresh bread is just minutes away.

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21 January 2008 at 10:59 am

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