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Zorrik and the Method

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Big Zorrik

I just received a new formulation of the Hydrolast Shaving Paste, a pink-colored version. So I got out the Shavemaster and worked up a good lather on the olive-oil soap, added the dollop of shave paste to the brush, and worked the lather some more, with excellent result.

I used the same Zorrik blade I’ve been using, in the Edwin Jagger Georgian, and did a four-pass shave: double down, across, and up. Extremely smooth result, and a nice finish with Royall Spyce.

Extremely nice.

Written by Leisureguy

23 January 2008 at 8:24 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. What is the olive-oil soap you are referring to?

    I just purchased an artisanal shaving soap here in Australia made from olive oil and shea butter, thinking I was clever as the ingredients sounded very natural and pure, and this appealed to me.

    However, as I await delivery of the new soap, I noticed some threads on that cast doubt on the ability of olive-oil based soaps to lather well enough for shaving.

    So maybe I’ve made a mistake. At the least I figure it will probably be a nice pre-shave soap for washing.

    Oh and I love your blog – anyone who’s into wet shaving and cooking, whose political consiciousness is right on, and clearly sees the insanity of (cannabis) prohibition is alright by me!

    I’m slowly working my way through your shaving posts, adding products to my wanted list.



    24 January 2008 at 12:22 am

  2. The olive-oil soap is “the Cube” that is one component of a Method shave. In the Method, the lather from the olive oil soap of the Cube is augmented by the Hydrolast Shaving Paste (and, if you want, the Activator, which I’ve not yet used). So it’s not simply a lather from the olive-oil soap. (I have, BTW, used other olive-oil soaps—specifically, a Marseilles cube—to do a method shave.)

    The soap you bought may or may not work, but by all means give it a go. Artisanal shaving soaps are a bit chancy, as making a good shaving soap is not all that easy. In my book I list the artisans whose soaps I have found to really work well, among them Honeybee Spa (which ships internationally via Global Priority), QEDusa, Mama Bear, and others.

    Welcome, and I’m pleased that you’re enjoying the blog.



    24 January 2008 at 7:47 am

  3. I realised soon after posting my initial query that you were talking about Method Shaving and have been on a bit of a kick reading all about it.

    Having just read the ingredient listings for Hydrolast products on one of the forums, I am impressed by the ‘naturalness’ of the soap, paste and activator. I admit I am on a quest for natural, simple shaving soaps/creams that are effective and so they appealed to me on that ground alone.

    But having just purchased a Savile Row 3122, a Merkur Futur, some QED soap and Urth cream I’m doing my best to resist any further acquisitions and just concentrate on basic technique for now. Charles from QED also sent me some Trumper cream samples, so I really am set for a while and am reluctant to invest in Method Shaving right now.

    Although if I thought the Hydrolast products could be used as part of a non-method wet shave then I would consider buying the soap, paste and activator.

    What is the reason for some men’s fascination with shaving and associated paraphenalia? Hanging out at the various forums, there is an almost fetishistic obsession with shaving and the necessary tools.

    I find myself surfing the web, drooling over brushes and creams and soaps and realise (thankfully) that I am not alone.

    I’ll go and check out your book now. I am sure it contains a wealth of useful information.



    25 January 2008 at 2:42 am

  4. I think you’re right to stick with a few products as you polish your technique, but then begin to explore. Blade exploration is inexpensive and offers some delightful surprises—blades much better than any you’ve currently used (though exactly which those are depends on the shaver). Brush exploration, OTOH, gets expensive. I over-indulged and now find myself using a subset of my brushes over and over, but at least now I no longer want to try more. Much the same is true of razor exploration: I have quite a few but now use mostly a subset.

    I haven’t yet used the Activator, but I have some coming. As you can tell from reading my daily shave posts, I use a variation of the Method shave from time to time. I enjoy it, but I also like the regular products.



    25 January 2008 at 7:30 am

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