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But probably not completely correctly done. I created the lather using both the shaving paste and the activator: brush the olive-oil block vigorously, then add a dab of shaving paste and a squirt of activator to the brush and work the lather some more.

I used the Merkur 1904 again, with the same Zorrik blade as yesterday. Two passes down, one across. Then I applied some cutting balm, which seems to be a shaving oil, and did the final against-the-grain pass. I’m still undecided on using oil in a shave.

Finally, the rinse—and with the oil, also a wash (MR GLO)—and dry. I applied the conditioner and a spritz of the tonic. I am not a balm guy, so the conditioner felt heavy at first, and the tonic applied on top didn’t seem to make a difference. But now, having made my coffee, my skin feels very nice indeed: it’s absorbed the conditioner, or the conditioner has done its job…. I don’t know. But, bottom line, my skin feels quite nice. And smooth.

I need to watch Mantic’s Method Shaving videos again to know exactly how to work with the new tools.

UPDATE: Okay, my mistakes: I should apply activator and work it into the mix before the shaving paste. Easy to fix next time. Also, in the finishing step, I can use just a bit of the cutting balm, with activator or soap or shaving paste or combination: just create an effective lubricating layer for the buffing of rough spots remaining. Finally, the tonic goes on before the conditioner—I think that will work much better. Next time, all will go well.

Written by Leisureguy

29 January 2008 at 8:35 am

Posted in Shaving

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