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Flavor your eggs

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Interesting idea:

We know that egg shells are porous and will absorb flavors. Our previous smoked eggs and the proven technique of storing truffles with eggs to infuse them with their flavor may have been the initial spark. Why stop there? What if we could infuse eggs with smoke without putting them in the smoker? That would be quite clever. It turns out that we can. We took raw eggs in their shells and rubbed them with hickory smoke powder from Terra Spice. We let the eggs infuse for twelve hours and the results produced a faintly smoky flavor on the egg. We believe another twelve hours of infusion will produce the balanced smoke flavor we are looking for. The next experiment will be to to make a paste with the smoke powder and water and apply that to the egg shell for complete coverage and more rapid infusion.

If the infusion works with smoke what other essences and infusions will emerge? Fresh herbs and citrus zests and juices, jalapenos and vanilla beans, cinnamon and szechuan peppercorns, ground chiles and evaporated tequila. Freeze dried powders could be a great resource here as well as kasu and miso. The variety of options they provide are almost endless. The aromas will be captured by the egg, which can be served simply, without the inclusion of the ingredient in the egg itself. And if an infusion works, what about soaking eggs in brines. Can we make bacon broth and soak eggs in it? Will we then have bacon in eggs? Imagine the possibilities.


As it turns out, our initial calculations for infusing eggs with smoke flavor via smoke powder were slightly optimistic. We ended up utilizing the paste method and leaving the eggs in a mixture of smoke powder and water for 48 hours versus our initial plan of twenty four hours in just the powder. Breakfast this morning was a revelation. The smoke flavor was concentrated in the yolk and a bit more delicate in the white. It had a rich and well rounded smoke flavor that evoked visions of country ham and cheesy grits without any of that ancient ashtray flavor that sometimes appears in overly smoked foods. These eggs are amazing. If you have any smoke powder in the pantry get going. They’ll be ready in time for Friday night supper or the perfect weekend breakfast. The results are totally worth the two minutes of effort it will take to make the paste, rub it on the eggs, wrap them up, and leave them in the fridge for two days. Seriously, these eggs will make your meal.

Next up rubbing eggs with flavored oils and letting them infuse for 48 hours, black truffle being the first on deck. We’re also going to rub a few with some pureed lime pickle just for fun. We’ll see what develops this weekend.

Written by Leisureguy

10 March 2008 at 10:08 am

Posted in Food, Recipes & Cooking

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