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Took a brief walk, augmented by parking at the extreme end of lots. On my trip to Baltimore, I learned from The Eldest that Eliot Pattison (note: NOT “Patterson”) has written several mysteries after his Edgar-award-winning debut, The Skull Mantra, which was excellent. So I checked the library (once I figured out how his name is spelled), and found that all were in the collection and all were available save the most recent (on which I now have a hold). I now have at home nos. 2 through 4:

  1. The Skull Mantra (1999)
  2. Water Touching Stone (2001)
  3. Bone Mountain (2002)
  4. Beautiful Ghosts (2004)
  5. Prayer of the Dragon (December 2007)

Written by Leisureguy

26 March 2008 at 3:48 pm

Posted in Books

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