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Clinton delegate strategy

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Here’s an interesting story. Longtime Dispatches reader Jeff Hebert emailed me this story of the Clinton campaign trying to get pledged delegates to change their votes at the convention. Full story below the fold:

I always enjoy it when someone tries to rewrite the rules to their advantage, only to have it turn around and burn them. I went to the Texas Democratic caucus for my precinct to try and vote for Obama, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough people there for him to qualify for any of the precinct’s share of delegates. I ended up being assigned as a delegate anyway (the turnout was pretty low), and said I’d vote for Hillary per the will of my fellow caucus-goers, since my guy didn’t garner enough support.Yet, twice now in the last three days, the Clinton campaign has called me to try and convince me that as a delegate I don’t have to vote for who I said I’d vote for, I’m allowed to change my mind if I want. Presumably they are doing this because they got their asses kicked in the caucus statewide by Obama, and so they want to get me to flip my assumed vote for Obama to Clinton.

However, they’ve achieved exactly the opposite — I didn’t know until they called that I even had the option, I thought I was forced to vote as the caucus had decided. Thanks to Hillary trying to change the rules after the fact and play dirty, I now can vote for my original guy with a clear conscience.

Be careful what you sow, for thereso shall ye reap, Mrs. Clinton.

Very interesting, don’t you think?

Written by Leisureguy

30 March 2008 at 5:50 pm

Posted in Democrats, Election

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