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Learning Linux through OpenCourseWare

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If you want to know Linux, look at the free courses, ranked here by Degree Directory:

#1 IBM

The IBM website is the ultimate resource for Linux users. IBM provides professional Linux training, short tutorials, open source projects, and prep for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Exam.

#2 Novell

Novell provides up-to-date education for current and aspiring Linux professionals through an OpenCourseWare program. All of the courses are developed by Novell Training Services and include high quality learning materials.

#3 Linux Online

Linux Online is a great source for free Linux education because the site features courses for students at any level. All three of the courses are text-based and provide comprehensive Linux training.

#4 The Shuttleworth Foundation

The Shuttleworth Foundation offers free Linux courses through their Learn Linux Open Source Project. Courses are packed with information and usually take between 20 and 30 hours to complete.

#5 University of California at Davis

One of the professors at the University of California created a fantastic Linux Tutorial Center that is available to students and self-learners around the world. The resources that are available on this site can be used by beginners and advanced users alike.

#6 About U’s Guide to Linux offers a wonderful Linux Desktop course meant for users who run the Linux system on their PC. The course is split into 14 weekly lessons and is delivered via email. Students who participate in the course can discuss what they have learned afterwards in a Linux forum.

#7 is a website that encourages people to learn Linux one step at a time. The site offers nearly 20 Linux courses in all. Most courses are geared towards self-learners who have limited knowledge of Linux.

#8 Linux Topia

Linux Topia is a great educational resource for self-learners who are new to Linux. The site offers full copies of Linux books that can be read online. The sheer amount of information that is available through these books will take you weeks to cover.

#9 VTC University

VTC University charges for most of the courses they offer, but you can take advantage of their free video tutorials, which are meant to help you evaluate their training. The free Introduction to Linux course is in video form and can be viewed directly on the site.

#10 National Institute of Standards and Technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology offers a comprehensive introduction to Linux through their OpenSource project. The text-based intro has a lot of information and is more course than tutorial.

Also some good articles at the link.

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13 May 2008 at 3:53 pm

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