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The Bento box trend

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Extremely interesting post on the Bento box trend, including some consideration that it may not be a trend. My own thought is that the trend is just beginning: with the recession clamping down, people are going to start making their own lunches (for themselves and their kids), and the Bento box is a convenient (and pleasant) way to pack the lunches. We’re going to be seeing a lot more.

The post is particularly valuable for its many links. Here’s just a brief segment from the beginning:

Are bento lunches becoming a trend in the U.S.? I think we’re starting to see indications of that, as shown by this article in Newsweek magazine about bento boxes for the preschool set.

Newsweek contacted me a few weeks ago to discuss the growing popularity of bento box lunches in the United States. They wound up running a photo of this bento lunch for my three-year-old, who attends a Japanese immersion preschool in San Francisco where bentos are the norm (click for the lunch’s full contents, packing details, and speed tips). On the spectrum of kyaraben food art to Lunchables or PB&J sandwiches in plastic baggies, hopefully my everyday speed bentos fall right in the middle (ideally made in under 10-15 minutes, but still appealing).

Much more at the link. Read it all: fascinating.

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11 June 2008 at 12:45 pm

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