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Culture shock

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As you age, you begin to experience culture shock in your own country—only it’s not really your country anymore, as ownership and responsibility passes to a younger generation. Some obvious things that come to mind: haircuts change, popular music is different (and less pleasing to those older), dress codes change (a whole generation must have experienced some sort of shock when men of my generation stopped wearing hats), body adornments change (tatoos and piercings still seem wrong to me, though I know they are accepted (for now) by the denizens of tomorrow—but that, too, will change).

Things are matters of fashion and will doubtless cycle back and forth: facial hair for me, no facial hair for men, facial hair for men, etc. Same with hats—some signs that they are returning. Popular music—hard to say. What a young generation wants is music that will shock and displease their parents. I doubt that the golden age of American song, with its collaborative (and thus expensive) underpinnings will return. Back in the day, you had one talented person to write lyrics, another talented person to write music, other talented people to play the music, yet another talented person to sing the song—each talent at the top of its category—now replaced by one person to write lyrics, music, play, and sing. Think: Ira Gershwin + George Gershwin + any great jazz ensemble + any great jazz singer vs., say, Bob Dylan doing it all. The overall quality of invention and technique thus cannot be maintained, though of course sincerity may increase somewhat. I’m not sure that sincerity, though, is the defining criterion for excellence.

Just a mild rant. Thanks.

Written by LeisureGuy

25 June 2008 at 11:17 am

Posted in Daily life

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