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The sea of fear

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A last post in the Worry Series—I think. The title is from an observation I made while working for one company in which people were at the mercy of tyrannical bosses who made arbitrary (and frequently bad) decisions—yes, it seems unlikely, but such companies do exist. The result was a low-key, almost imperceptible climate of fear. I detected it once as I was seated at home in quiet introspection and meditation—at first it was like a tone just out of the reach of hearing, but as I relaxed and observed, it became more audible. It occurred to me that this was like a fish can becoming aware of the water in which it lived: an ever-present environmental given that only rarely comes to attention. I talked to a friend who also worked there, and wondered whether this faint background noise of worry was common, something that, like the 60-cycle hum from electrical apparatus, most people are so accustomed to that they simply don’t notice. He agreed that it was and that one aspect of therapy is to awaken oneself to its presence so that it can be dealt with.

Written by Leisureguy

9 July 2008 at 9:50 am

Posted in Daily life

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