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Yet another reason I like California

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This is heartening:

It’s been a banner week for environmental policy as the California Building Standards Commission recently broke news of the nation’s first statewide green building code. The measure mandates significant improvements in energy efficiency and water consumption in all new construction throughout the state. The announcement was fore-grounded by April’s ambitious LA green building law and comes hot on the heels of Al Gore’s historic appeal last week for a carbon-free US energy policy.

The unanimously approved measure will update California’s current building code to address a variety of goals including reducing water usage in residential and commercial structures by 20% and cutting water used in landscaping by 50%. Hopefully this will encourage the widespread proliferation of techniques such as rainwater harvesting, drought resistant landscaping, and graywater reuse.

The new code also aims to cut…

More at the link.

Written by Leisureguy

24 July 2008 at 10:59 am

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