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Can I claim some credit?

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On April 24 of this year, I sent this email to Glenn Greenwald:

Subj: An idea for your consideration

Indeed, it’s no doubt an idea you’ve already had.

While your books are excellent and make an impact, they have a long lead time and also speak to a generation attuned to TV rather than print.

You’ll note that Josh Marshall has begun to expand his on-line TV offerings.

The obvious thought is for you (perhaps with similarly minded people) to conduct interviews with politicians and civil servants and other informed observers, based on asking questions of importance rather than questions about trivia, and relentlessly focusing on facts (today) rather than fantasy (predictions of tomorrow). In other words, the interviews would be to inform rather than to entertain.

Putting them on-line (e.g., via YouTube) would allow wide distribution (I imagine that every thoughtful blog would carry them) and also keep them available as need arose to refer back to a seminal discussion.

Big-name politicians may not be interested at first, but there are some dedicated politicians working hard for worthwhile causes that would welcome some recognition and the opportunity to present the facts that drive them. I’m thinking, for example, of Representative Louise Slaughter. This mailing came from her office ( yesterday:

As everyone knows, LMS has been working on this bill since 1995! The House passed the bill on 4/25/07 by a vote of 420-3. Since then, Sen. Coburn has had a hold on it in the Senate. We finally worked out a deal with Sen. Coburn on Monday regarding the firewall language. The Senate hotlined the bill yesterday and has resolved all objections (that we know about). The Senate comes in tonight at 5pm. They have to vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Act. Then they think they might proceed to debate on GINA with a vote tomorrow. The bill then has to come back to the House for a vote – hopefully early next week. Once we pass it, it goes to the President. If you have any questions, let me know.

It would be possible to vary the format, choosing the format appropriate for each program—and since the video is on-line, program length can also vary, choosing a length appropriate for the program. Some possibilities:

a. An expert or panel of experts simply clarifying some issue or topic, presenting not only the facts but the causal chains.

b. You and perhaps another questioner interviewing politicians and/or experts to clarify what is at stake on a pending question.

c. Setting priorities, in which you and others work to determine appropriate priorities in various areas (healthcare, education, Iraq, regulatory approaches, US Israel/Palestine policies, etc.). The idea is to choose an area and then break it down into various steps that could be taken and prioritize the steps.

And so on.

Salon may or may not be interested, but I’m sure Marshall would be.

Thanks for reading.

Now look at today’s announcement.

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25 July 2008 at 1:04 pm

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