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The Memory Hole does an invaluable service. The most recent post:

ACLU posts three more torture memos from CIA and Justice Dept [ACLU]

53 new documents posted at the CIA’s FOIA site [CIA]

Pentagon Inspector General audit: “Accountability for Defense Security Service Assets With Personally Identifiable Information” [DOD IG] [News article]

Pentagon FOIA release: “National Security Personnel System payouts FY 2007″ [DOD]
>>> background: What is NSPS? [SecDef]

Terrorism-related DOJ / US Attorney indictments, January 1994 – April 2004 [Government Attic]

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction audit: “Comprehensive Plan Needed to Guide the Future of the Iraq Reconstruction Management System” [SIGIR]

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction report: “Key Recurring Management Issues Identified in Audits of Iraq Reconstruction Efforts” [SIGIR]

Justice Dept Inspector General report: “An Investigation of Allegations of Politicized Hiring by Monica Goodling and Other Staff in the Office of the Attorney General, July 2008″ [DOJ IG]

EPA graciously allows 3 Senators to briefly view document concluding that greenhouse gases contribute to climate change [WaPo]

>>> related: Republicans block effort to subpoena global warming documents [LAT]

>>> related: Documents show EPA staff ordered to stonewall investigators and media [PEER]

Authorized Classification Markings in U.S. Intelligence [Secrecy News]

Why Is It So Hard to Get Documents from the National Archives About the National Archives? [HNN via FGI]

NIOSH report shows prison staff & inmates exposed to toxic metals for years [PEER]

UK: Leaked witness statements in trial of Corporal Daniel James [Cryptome]

Want to know what’s in your FBI file? [Exhibit A Baltimore] (Thanks, M)

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28 July 2008 at 1:36 pm

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