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Luncheon note: Kale salad

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I made this salad, more or less, using Lacinato Kale (aka Dino Kale). From the aversion of many recipes to the ribs of kale and collards and the like, one would think the ribs were of bone. I ignore instructions to remove ribs: they cook up just fine, and even in this salad they were no problem at all. I cut the leaves in narrow slices across the leaf, at right angles to the rib, so the small sections were easily eaten. I didn’t bother rolling the leaves.

In addition to the ingredients suggested, I use a little chopped red onion and a small can of sardines packed in lemon-flavor virgin olive oil. Along with the lemon juice, I used some balsamic vinegar. It was a tasty salad. I had no idea kale could be eaten raw and be so good to boot.

Written by Leisureguy

8 August 2008 at 12:31 pm

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  1. Kale ribs I don’t bother removing, but collard green ribs don’t aren’t tender at the point I think the leaves are done, so I usually remove & toss them.

    For chard, though, I like to remove the stems, chop them up & start them cooking before adding the leaves so that everything is cooked just right.



    8 August 2008 at 2:35 pm

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