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Process theology, pantheism, and so on

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I blogged earlier about process theology, which (as the Wikipedia article at the link points out) is based on the process metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead. Although most process theologians are Christian, nothing in process theology itself is particularly Christian—indeed, there are Jewish process theologians.

A possibly related concept is Ed Fredkin’s notion of the universe as a digital computer, working out some program and created for purpose—the question being addressed being one most quickly answered by simply letting the computer run the program to completion. See this summary. Fredkin has/had a site, which seems to be inactive. The Wikipedia article “digital philosophy” does provide some information.

The April 1988 issue of the Atlantic Monthly has an article by Robert Wright, “Did the Universe Just Happen?”, on Fredkin’s idea. The article is not on-line, but I have a copy. Let me know if you’re interested (or just check at the library, which will surely have that issue).

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9 August 2008 at 9:26 am

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