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Chandler 1.0 released

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James Fallows notes this morning that Chandler 1.0 has been released and reminiscences about the journey of its development. The three-minute video above gives you an idea of its capabilities. The YouTube entry includes:

Hi-res version:

Chandler is a note-to-self organizer that integrates personal work and small-group task management and calendaring.

Chandler features a cross-platform Desktop application and Chandler Hub: a free, hosted service for personal back-up, sharing and web access. You can also download and run your own service with Chandler Server.

Chandler is available in English, French, Finnish, and German.

Chandler interoperates with Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Mozilla Lightning/Sunbird and Evolution via the iCalendar and CalDAV standards.

From the Fallows post:

Another testimonial here, with this payoff point: “”The single greatest thing about [Chandler] is the core idea of the confluence of tasks, emails, and appointments as simple items which can interact and be managed with one other. It is SO TRUE that separating these items into hard categories with totally different interfaces makes organization more, not less, difficult. Allowing them to be listed and managed together is a huge leap forward.”

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10 August 2008 at 9:00 am

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