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Party distinctions

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Very good post at the Booman Tribune:

I don’t know how many undecided voters stumble across this ‘Progressive Community’, but here’s something for you to think about. In every presidential election there is one party that works fervently to register as many voters as possible and another party that works with equal vigor to create obstacles to registration and to cull the rolls of voters (not excluding fully qualified voters). It should tell you something about the nature of the two major parties that they each follow this same pattern year after year. If you are uncertain about which party takes which action, you can begin reading here:

Republicans are moving to examine surges in voter registrations in some states. A Republican lawyers group held a national training session on election law over the weekend that included campaign attorneys for Sen. John McCain and other Republican leaders. One session discussed how party operatives can identify and respond to instances of voter fraud.Republicans said they are particularly worried about prospects for fraud in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and are beginning to comb thousands of new registrations in those states for ineligible applicants.

Meanwhile, the Democrats:

Obama campaign general counsel Bob Bauer last Tuesday said in a memorandum to campaign supporters that their own voter legal defense operation is under way, earlier than those of previous Democratic campaigns, including legal counsel on the ground in 50 states. The campaign is working closely with the Democratic Party, which said it has spent three years building a voter-protection program that includes more than 18 paid staff and 7,000 lawyers. The personnel deployed Aug. 1 and are dealing directly with local elections officials.

Or, you can put it this way:

Traditionally, Democrats favor fewer checks on verification and greater access to voting to encourage larger turnouts, particularly among lower-income and minority voters, who tend to favor Democrats. Republicans usually push for closer monitoring, in such forms as laws with strict requirements for voters to present identification, which can result in lower turnout.

The Republicans and the Democrats each have self-serving reasons to take these positions. But it remains true that the Democrat Party favors greater voter participation and the Republicans try to keep voter participation down. One of the recent tricks utilized by the Republicans is to claim that there is widespread voter fraud. Basically, they allege that there are voters who cast more than one ballot (say, in two locations on the same day), people that vote for the dead, people voting that should be ineligible to vote (not U.S. citizens, felony record, or too young), etc. The problem with these allegations is that there have been numerous studies done that show that these types of voting fraud cases are extraordinarily rare.

In recent years, …

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12 August 2008 at 9:19 am

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