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Tools for capturing ideas

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An annotated list of 25 tools for capturing ideas before they vanish forever.

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24 August 2008 at 2:51 pm

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Voting machines admittedly drop votes

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It’s going to be an interesting election. Check out this post by Mike Mansick:

Consider me to be in a state of shock. For nearly half a decade Diebold has always responded in the identical way to every single report of a problem or security vulnerability with its e-voting machines: attacking those who pointed out the problem and claiming it really wasn’t a problem at all. This has happened time and time again that I’m not even sure how to react when the company (renamed Premier to get away from the Diebold name stigma) has finally admitted that its machines have a flaw that drops votes. Oops. It’s warning 34 states that use the machines of the problem which was highlighted in the lawsuit Ohio filed against Premiere/Diebold. Not only that, but it’s admitting the flaw in the software has been in the software for the past decade.

So, uh, why was the company blaming anti-virus software just a couple months ago?

It should also make us question Premier/Diebold’s longstanding claim that independent outsiders should not be allowed to inspect its machines for problems. Of course, Diebold execs are already downplaying all of this, claiming that they were “confident” that this hadn’t actually impacted any elections, though they offer no proof of that. The company’s president admits he’s “distressed” that they were wrong in their previous analysis, but he fails to explain why the company is so against letting outsides inspect the machines to avoid such flaws. In the meantime, the company insists that the problem will be patched in time for the November election, and I’m sure we’re all confident that there won’t be any other problems with their machines, right?

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24 August 2008 at 12:44 pm

74 McCain reversals

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John McCain is certainly flexible: 74 instances of him reversing his previous position.

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24 August 2008 at 11:07 am

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Good response to crackpot anti-evolutionist

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Airtightnoodle has a good post that provides a link to this page: a detailed takedown of an anti-evolution book—a book that, alas, depends heavily on nonsense to make its argument.

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24 August 2008 at 10:01 am

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The Archdruid Report

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Interesting blog, worth some reading.

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24 August 2008 at 9:10 am

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More on McCain

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Frank Rich has a good column this morning, from which I quote this snippet:

What we have learned this summer is this: McCain’s trigger-happy temperament and reactionary policies offer worse than no change. He is an unstable bridge back not just to Bush policies but to an increasingly distant 20th-century America that is still fighting Red China in Vietnam and the Soviet Union in the cold war. As the country tries to navigate the fast-moving changes of the 21st century, McCain would put America on hold.

What Obama also should have learned by now is that the press is not his friend. Of course, he gets more ink and airtime than McCain; he’s sexier news. But as George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs documented in its study of six weeks of TV news reports this summer, Obama’s coverage was 28 percent positive, 72 percent negative. (For McCain, the split was 43/57.) Even McCain’s most blatant confusions, memory lapses and outright lies still barely cause a ripple, whether he’s railing against a piece of pork he in fact voted for, as he did at the Saddleback Church pseudodebate last weekend, or falsifying crucial details of his marital history in his memoirs, as The Los Angeles Times uncovered in court records last month.

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24 August 2008 at 9:07 am

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Two remarkable movies: Some Came Running and Lola Montes

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I don’t recall now the reviews or recommendations that prompted me to put Some Came Running and Lola Montes in my queue, but I’m very glad I did. Both movies are remarkable.

Some Came Running (the movie came out in 1958) depicts clearly small-town life of the 50s and the pressures to conform. I graduated from high school in 1957, and my graduation address was a blast at conformity and the importance of breaking away—I assume that it must have been a recognized issue. The performances are remarkable, and the movie is definitely worth seeing.

Lola Montes is remarkable for its format and its innovations—and it has a good story to tell, in addition. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: If you haven’t seen Warlock, I recommend that you do: Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, Richard Widmark, Dorothy Malone. And DeForest Kelley has a small role, too.

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24 August 2008 at 8:54 am

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