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74 McCain reversals

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John McCain is certainly flexible: 74 instances of him reversing his previous position.

Written by Leisureguy

24 August 2008 at 11:07 am

Posted in Election, GOP

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  1. “Better to have a leader who changes his or her mind based on new information than one who stubbornly sticks to outmoded policy positions, regardless of facts or circumstances.

    So why do McCain’s flip-flops matter? Because all available evidence suggests his reversals aren’t sincere, they’re cynically calculated for political gain.”

    The “evidence” of McCain’s motive, in this case, is what should have to been presented. Without it the list is pretty meaningless. I tried to leave a comment at Jukebox but don’t find anyplace to do so …. Merely looking at the list, take No. 8 “kicking Russia out of the G-8” obviously the continually changing circumstances of Russia’s aggression are relevant and might well have alterred McCain’s stance, which would put this item into the category of “not stubbornly sticking to outmoded ideas.” “Diplomacy” with Hamas or Syria — I’m not even sure what that means. This is so vague that an instance of the same McCain statement could probably be manipulated to seem to advance both positions.

    I find lists like this cloying because they are so scant on details and really tell you more about the person making the list than they tell you about the reality. But thanks for the link to it. More information, even disinformation, is gives one something to study.

    At least they didn’t accuse him of being in favor of marriage to his first wife before he was against it.

    I think an indepth analysis of one issue would be much more sincere than a list that is flimsily concocted to seem as long as its makers could devise. Also, choosing one or two issues requires that the critic make assertions about which issues are defining ones in the election.

    Have these guys been introduced to the strategies for making decisions? The method that works for the cat names …. see, that cat naming thing really resonates with me. I like cats.

    And, again I love your blog. It’s great.



    24 August 2008 at 4:25 pm

  2. I see that “Jukebox John” is a prejorative name for my candidate. Oopsie.



    24 August 2008 at 4:32 pm

  3. Well, take these issues: abortion—he’s always been against it but formerly would allow it in cases of rape, incest, and mother’s life in danger. He’s dropped that.

    Opposition to offshore drilling: switched to favoring it just as the oil companies poured millions into his campaign.

    Kicking Russia out of G-8: makes absolutely no sense. The US doesn’t get to pick who’s in and who’s out, and the other nations are not about to eject Russia.

    Torture of prisoners—originally opposed, now supports.

    GI Bill—fought tooth and nail against the bill proposed by Jim Webb, including writing a stingy bill of his own, but then when Webb’s bill passed, tried to claim credit.

    Indeed, if you browse back through the posts, you can find quite a bit of information about McCain. But as I understand it, you are less voting for McCain than voting against Obama.

    I don’t quite understand your fascination with the group decision software, but since the product is still in beta, I doubt they have used that. OTOH, the strategies in Winning Decisions and Decision Traps are quite well known and used by those who make decisions analytically instead of by gut instinct.



    24 August 2008 at 9:26 pm

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