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McCain’s dirty campaign

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From TPMMuckraker, showing how McCain is not held accountable:

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25 August 2008 at 8:48 am

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The term has now been introduced to the blog in a comment, and its user explains:

By ‘elitist’ I refer to the conservative stereotype of the all-knowing liberal who feels that everyone who lives in a red state is ignorant or uneducated.

I think that is in fact an accurate description of how the conservatives use the term, though of course no one fits that definition: liberals, like conservatives, are not all-knowing, nor do I believe that anyone thinks that “everyone who lives in a red state is ignorant or uneducated.”

Nonetheless, the term “elitist” is used and I think it’s used because liberals as a group have more education than conservatives as a group. The terms is often used to refer to educated people and particularly people with some area of expertise. There’s a strong tradition of “know-nothingism” in this country, and I certainly have known more than a few who consider anyone with a college degree to be arrogant, over-educated, and hoity-toity, particularly if they are not apologetic about their education.

And, in their defense, education often does lead to questioning the general wisdom of the earlier generation—and in the process of education lies a period of time known as the Sophomore outlook: when the educatees suddenly realizes how little they previously knew, how much (in comparison) they now know, and how some of the people they have known have feet of clay. Luckily, the Sophomore outlook generally lasts only about a year, and the complexities of real life soon provide their own special education.

At any rate, the label of “elitist” is like a mosquito in a bedroom: annoying, but not life-threatening. And the label will become vacuous if we can improve the education of everyone so that people will develop a realistic respect for education and knowledge.

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25 August 2008 at 8:41 am

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Almond and Draggon Noir

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D.R. Harris Almond shave stick this morning, and a fine Harris lather created with the Simpsons Emperor 3 Super. The the Vision with a once-used Black Beauty blade and a smooth and fine shave. To bring it to the peak of perfection, I did an oil pass, using plain jojoba oil. Extremely nice, and Draggon Noir was a fine finish. Really an exceptional shave today.

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25 August 2008 at 8:16 am

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