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Socialist Palin mentor

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Very interesting. A commenter recently said that he would not vote for the “socialist” for president—presumably the Socialist ticket of Brian Moore for president and Stewart Alexander for vice-president. But Palin’s mentor certainly seems Socialist (i.e., believing that the state should own and operate the major industries). From a Newsweek article:

To the extent Palin has a governing philosophy, it was shaped by her political mentor, former governor Wally Hickel. The 89-year-old Hickel is a member of the Alaska Independence Party, which espouses, among other things, greater autonomy or even separation from the United States. (Husband Todd Palin is not a member of the party now, but he was registered as an AIP voter at different periods of his life totaling seven years. Sarah has never been a member but attended a party conference in her hometown of Wasilla.) Hickel advocates an “economy of the commons,” which would place the state’s vast energy and mineral wealth in the hands of the state government and its citizens.

Seems very much like socialism to me. Maybe if they did get all that money they would stop asking for Federal handouts. (Alaska leads the nation in getting Federal pork per capita.)

Written by Leisureguy

8 September 2008 at 9:01 am

Posted in Daily life, GOP, Government

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